Crooked Colours – “Flow” // Tor Brandt

Appropriately enough, this song makes me think of the slow drip of water growing into a full, rushing river. Also appropriately, I tend to get swept up in the groove, only surfacing for air four-minutes-and-fifty-seconds later. Test your lung capacity with “Flow”.

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Crooked Colours – “Electric Feel” (MGMT Cover)

The scariest thriller movies are always the ones based in reality. When suddenly something you associate with silly dance parties and healthy good times turns dark, twisted, and a little scary…  Read more

[PREMIERE] Crooked Colours – “Come Down” (PRFFTT & Svyable X Ianborg Remix)

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The beautifully haunting and sometimes gritty “Come Down” from Perth’s Crooked Colours has been on regular rotation around TBE HQ so its with great pleasure that I get to debut this great remix from USA’s PRFFTT & Svyable with Canada’s Ianborg. This jams a truly international affair and runs through a handful of textures and sounds as it takes us on an aural journey through the beauties of the dark side.

[MP3] Crooked Colours – “Come Down”

Crooked Colours is a great name for a band making this kind of magical and twisted music. “Come Down” lures you in with delicate instrumentation and fragile vocals before mutating into something bigger and badder. Like fellow Australian Flume, Crooked Colours aren’t afraid to twist the envelope (or push the knob?) on their sounds. I’m sensing big things on the horizon…