CRUISR – “Mind Eraser” // Art: Jee-ook Choi

It is always a good day when a new CRUISR jam drops and this sunshine-season timing is impeccable. Perfect weather to bust out into full indie-pop dance mode and break the sweat that CRUISR always kicks off. But don’t let “Mind Eraser”‘s sparkling indie-pop fool you. Opening with the eternal question of “how did I get here”, it is a thinking person’s dance jam we can all relate to.

CRUISR don’t like to TAKE their time getting THAT party going

If you can’t sing along to Cruisr then you are broken and there is more room in the world for me to stand on things and belt along to “Take That”.

p.s. I think Cruisr should connect with this fellow Philadelphian for something

CRUISR – “Throw Shade” + “Moving To Neptune”

Open wide, take a deep breath, tie your shoes, stretch those hamstrings, and do whatever else you do to prepare yourself because Cruisr just dropped a double dose of their signature indie singalong gold. It is no time to be a slouch! There are volume knobs to turn up! Air guitars to shred! Sweat to break! And ex-lovers to throw shade at! Read more

CRUISR – “Go For It” (Shallou Remix)

When you are a kid, the phrase “Go For It” can mean different things than when you are adult. When you are plotting your robot-assisted escape from the stale suburban farmscape that is limiting your 8 year old growth you need to sort out a lot of plans. You need to be methodical and calculating, allowing your young brain time to churn over each possibility and prepare accordingly. You need a song with an accurate lyrical message, a forceful groove, and that is not too heavy or distracting. Shallou’s rework of TBE classic “Go For It” is just that song.  Read more

CRUISR – “Go For It”

Music for… reminding yourself that life is short, dreams are achievable, and the sun is shining (somewhere…). Put some pep in your step with this new jam from TBE faves CRUISR.

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Future: Debut EP All Over Available Now.

CRUISR – “All Over”

Sounds like… catchy rock and roll is alive and well in Philadephia! Our old friends Cruiser dropped the E (for aerodynamics) and signed to Vagrant and are now on track to take over the world (I hope). In addition to brand new singalong jam “All Over”, their classic “Don’t Go Alone” will be getting a re-release.

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Future: Debut EP ‘All Over’ Available September 23rd, 2014