Yo, so we just made a cross country road trip back down here to the ATX.  Looks like we are going to be Austinites (?) for the foreseeable future…  SXSW, be funking ready.   On the way down, among other super awesome subjects covered and generally getting Nurdy as hell, we decided that due to a massive backlog of jamz we’re putting together a Remix Roundup of EPIC proportions (f*ck that was wordy).  Not just in numbers folks, we’re talking about game-changing, blasting in your ears drums music here.  Frankly, if you aren’t happy with this dazzling little fun-basket of tunes, then you might have to check your vitals…

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♫ Goose- Can’t Stop Me Now (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) / More power from the Bloodies right here! This track is pure domination with some seriously big sound.

♫ Jump Jump Dance Dance – Modern Eyes (Vindata Remix) / Our boys Vindata further prove they just might be here to stay.

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Remix Roundup Vol. 37 – 2.28.2011 [CEREBRAL VORTEX, CHROMEO, MICHAEL JACKSON and more… ]

Did you think we were going to forget you on a Friday night? What’s that? No?

Yeah right, you were all sweatin’ it.  Well relax, we have some tasty tunes for your weekend ahead.  However, this will be a short list because you have 50 of 2010’s best to refer back to and a big fat nasty Dubstep Best Of coming next week.

So for now, here’s something to chew on.
Get Nurdy!

For more jams or by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!  Follow @JoelAlbers on Twitter for updates on remixes, dubstep and all things Nurdy.


♫ Cerebral Vortex- Fly By Night (Jesse Jamz Remix) / The Jamz man does it again.  We dare you not to dig this.  This is an early favorite to be on the Top Remix List of 2011.  MAJOR PROPS.

♫ Amadou And Mariam- Sabali (Miike Snow Remix)

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♫ Cut Copy- Take Me Over

Australia just might be my go to country for music and Cut Copy’s 2008 In Ghost Colors is one of my favorite albums of the past several years.  So, whenever I hear they’re releasing new music I get a little funking excited.  Their new album Zonoscope doesn’t come out until February 8th, but they released their second single “Take Me Over” for our Burning Ears (first single  “Where I’m Going“).  To celebrate the occasion I am not only posting the new track, but I am also throwing in a couple remixes that have never been featured in our Remix Roundups.

♫ Cut Copy- Lights & Music (DJ Icey ReRub)

♫ Cut Copy – Hearts On Fire (Goose Flesh Remix)

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CUT COPY is WHERE I’M going to be dreaming i’m at as i’m GOING elsewhere tomorrow

all you need is a dream and a lover, take my hand cause i know what you’re going through

♫ Cut Copy – Where I’m Going

If you kw me then you know how frustrating it is that bands never come to Poland on tour. All the way to Berlin and then they just stop 5 hours from tons of ready and willing fans! Perhaps the only thing worse than that is when a band finally does come to town and I wont be here for it! Cut Copy will be in Warsaw on Sunday with awesome supporting act French Horn Rebellion and if all that wasn’t painful enough, they’ve dropped a taste of their forthcoming album on us. “Where I’m Going” is is a blissed out electric anthem built for “ooh”-ing and “yeah”-ing along to. It’s the sunset reflected on the water and a cold beer in your hand. It’s eyes-closed swirling through a mid-day buzz. But most importantly, it’s a welcome return from these Aussies.

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TBE Exclusive! /// DJ Bouji and the ‘Just Quit’ Mix

djbouji_logodo you enjoy what you do? if not, don’t stop, don’t say shit

♫ Trackademicks vs. Sammy Bananas – Enjoy What You Do (Bouji Mash N Slash)

Just when you thought you weren’t going to be getting an exclusive mixtape to jam to all weekend, BAM, here it is! Surprises are fun as hell, but not nearly as fun as this buttery smooth funk-fest that L.A.’s own DJ Bouji has served up for us. I have seen this guy spin a few times and he always lights it up with his flow. His Just Quit mix is no different as he mixes genres, decades, and styles into one big party anthem. If you have been listening to his Mash N Slash of Sammy Bananas remix of Trackademicks “Enjoy What You Do” then you know what’s up. If you check out the tracklist after the jump you’ll see Miike Snow rolled into Peter Gabriel and Kings Of Leon paving the way for The Outfield. I love it. Download the whole thing below and have a kick ass weekend.

Download DJ Bouji’s Just Quit mix

– Alt link @ zShare (.m4a) –

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