[FREE DOWNLOAD] The TBE 5 Year Anniversary Album

Well, its finally here! The full album download of The Burning Ear’s 5 Year Anniversary Album! A big thank to you all the bands that made such amazing jams for this project. It is a hug honor to have my name stamped on the cover of this but the real props go to the musicians. You all killed it!


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[PREMIERE-MP3] Da French Connexion – “Hold On We’re Going Home” (Drake Cover)

[soundcloud id=’137037988′]

Nobody does sex better than Drake and nobody does sexy like The French, so its a natural fit for our friends Da French Connexion to cover the best love song of 2013. Things get a bit darker and haunting, with more grit in the vocals and not much else left resembling the original song. Which is just how we like our covers.

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Da French Connexion – “Robolution” (The Official Roboot)

[soundcloud id=’133068870′]

So there is a new Robocop movie coming out and to celebrate Da French Connexion cooked up a grooving rework of the original Hans Zimmer theme song. It’s the perfect dance jam for the robot-ruled dystopia of the near future! Grab the free download at their Soundcloud.

[PREMIERE] Da French Connexion – “Igloo Brother” ft. Zachary Gray (The Zolas)

Growing up in L.A I might think I know a thing or two about Summertime but this jam has a degree on the subject. Both the song and video…

“Igloo Brother” is apparently a term for two guys who have slept with the same woman. What would the term be for two guys who have danced to the same song? Cause thats the kind of brothers (and sisters) I want!

Lets not ignore the people behind the magic here. Da French Connexion is new on the scene but clearly wise beyond his Soundcloud play count. Crafting a song like this is one thing but recruiting The Zolas’ lead singer to sing vocals is another stroke of genius. More please!