[MP3] Daughn Gibson – “The Sound of Law”

Daughn Gibson - The Sound of Law

my daddy was a beast in this new word

Daughn Gibson has the kind of deep baritone that would steal hearts through a walkie talkie and damn if it doesn’t work well over this kicked up pace of a jam. There is still plenty of mellowed out slow stuff on his new album Me Moan, but it is this opening track that has me hitting repeat and fantasizing about life on the open roads.

[MP3] Daughn Gibson – “In the Beginning”

and i promised mom not to treat myself this way

♫ Daughn Gibson – In the Beginning

  • Who: Just him.
  • What: Tripped out country soul, like a hairier James Blake.
  • Where: Carlisle, PA + Facebook
  • When: LP All Hell is out now.
  • Why: The first handful of times I heard “In The Beginning” I don’t think I even noticed how chopped and looped the production is. I just heard Gibson’s smoked whiskey voice and felt the ambling cadence of the rhythm. Opening my ears now I hear that guitar line dance and that piano keep the beat and that “tikk – tikk” move it all slowly along. Each layer building on the next like clockwork and each listen revealing a new gear.