Day Wave – “Drag”

Nobody wants to be a drag. We are all just trying to get by in this world. Make some friends and some memories. But we all come off wrong sometimes. And we all know its a drag to know you are being a drag. But thats the beauty of music. Great songs forgive your fuck ups and treat you the same every time you listen, no matter what you just said to your friends.

Day Wave - Drag

Day Wave – “Total Zombie”

Music for… carrying on the tradition of lo-fi slacker jams with a proper follow up to “Nothing At All”. Day Wave brings a more mellowed garage guitar groove on this second track. Perfect for taking a mental break from whatever you are stressing about at the moment and drifting along with the jams.

Location: Nowhere? Everywhere?

Future: Some exciting stuff…. I can promise you.

Day Wave – “Nothing At All”

Music for… coming home for the holidays and being reminded that everyone else in your family has the jobs, families, responsibilities, and you don’t have your shit together at all. But then you include this jangly debut jam from Day Wave on a little holiday dance mix and everyone loves it and you are the hero that saved the holidays. All rejoice!

Location: ?

Future: More holidays. Saved by you.