DD WALKER – “Concord” + Malibu EP

DD Walker is one of the most exciting new artists to come out of 2018 for me. Hands down. So I’m beyond excited that he finally released his debut EP Malibu, along with recent single “Concord”.

DD WALKER – “Psychic Twin”

I love DD WALKER so much I put him on Vinyl Moon 038: Sticky Fruit.


DD WALKER – “Do You Miss It” // Art: Jessica Fortner

Hot dang! DD Walker returns with a bang and a half on “Do You Miss It”. At just under 3 minutes, this jam packs more punch then a hot cup of coffee and is just as addictive.

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DD WALKER – “Malibu” // Art: Daniel Mercadante

i was ready, when the last wave swept over me

I’ve had to install a seatbelt on my desk chair for songs like this. I’m double-checking that its buckled as I hit repeat on “Malibu” for the fourth time in a row. The world feels like it’s moving at hyper speed and the edges of my vision are blurring as I hurtle down PCH at siren-taunting speeds. Too bad they can’t pull me over since I’m floating in the air, soaring weightless over the parking lot, and finding 5th gear as I take off North along the coast. Follow the light trail because where I’m headed DD Walker is on repeat and life couldn’t be sweeter.

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