[VIDEO] Death Cab For Cutie – “Underneath The Sycamore”

Death Cab! Animation! Mystery! Suspense!

I like the vibe here. Low budget animation for big band’s video. Do it. Plus a story!

(I still haven’t heard the whole Keys and Codes album… Is that bad?)

[RMX] RAC Maury remixes Death Cab For Cutie, The Static Jacks, and Clubfeet

some boys are filling the hole

RAC enthusiasts should know that an RAC Mix means collective leader Andre Anjos did the magic, while an RAC Maury Mix means that production whiz and Ra Ra Riot sound guy Andre Maury carved the audio gold. Anjos definitely does most of the heavy lifting at RAC HQ and, since many may not know there is anyone else involved, gets most of the praise. Well, today it’s time to take a moment and appreciate the under-sung hero of everyone’s favorite remix collective. Andrew Maury, will you please stand up.

Ok, fine, don’t stand. But can you provide us with three recent remixes for us to massage our weary ears with? OK, cool. Thanks.

Death Cab for Cutie – Some Boys [RAC Maury Mix] by Death Cab for Cutie

Let’s not dwell on the news that Ben & Zooey are no more, the man made “Some Boys” while married to that indie-babe and RAC Maury dropped his signature crunchy bass licks right into its funk center, giving the notoriously morose band a much needed pep infusion. Crank it up, Benny boy! It gets better.

♫ The Static Jacks – Into The Sun (RAC Maury Mix)

Besides remixing, Maury gets his production on with bands like Ra Ra Riot, Kisses, and New Jersey’s The Static Jacks. This jam showcases exactly the kind of kinetic energy that Maury conjures with his jams. Hard not to find yourself moving along.

♫ Clubfeet – Last Words (RAC Maury Mix)

I have no idea who Clubfeet are but nothing like an RAC-family mix to put them on my radar.

Artist links: RAC Maury / The Static Jacks / Death Cab For Cutie / Clubfeet

[STREAM] DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE know YOU ARE going to hear their new album like A TOURIST is going to get swindled in a taxi

and define your destination, there’s so many different places to call home

I’m pretty stoked on this new Death Cab song. Sure, their last album could put a hyperactive 8 year old to sleep and their current look is rather creep-tastic but I wouldn’t be surprised if Gibbard and Co pull it out big time on LP number 7. Codes and Keyes is out May 31st and what’s odd is that Ben Gibbard and Nick Harmer have both been quoted as saying it will be “a much less guitar-centric album than we’ve ever made before.” I don’t know what to think about that since the guitar noodling is what makes this track so fantastic. Weirder things have happened  [I’m not going to say anything about She].

DEATH CAB for CUTIE – You Are A Tourist [Album Version] by ATL REC.

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[JBI!] TBE Presents: Fever For The Flavor – A Mix for L.A.

fever Flavor cover

Los Angeles, the city of a million legends and a million disappointed tourists. Its too big to take in by foot and too confusing and traffic-packed to really see by car. It really isn’t a city at all, but more of a collection of cities that all happen to touch each other and give the illusion of being unified. However, while the city/ies may be sprawling and disjointed, they share a role as muse for great music. As I have simmered here this past two weeks I have been compiling my list of great L.A. songs. Some tribute, some complaint, but all about L.A. The mix’s title comes from Bran Van 3000’s “Drinking in L.A.” whose lyrics seemed strikingly poignant during this 26th year of my life. Oh, and it also reminds me of all the good eatin’ I miss when I’m away from L.A. Mmmmm, tacos…..

What is your favorite L.A. song/story/riot/natural disaster/celebrity sighting?

Download “Fever For The Flavor – A Mix for L.A.”

Tracklist and individual downloads after the jump.

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[JustBurnIt!] TBE Presents: I’m A Bulldog – A mix for NYC

60 Seconds in Times Square - 8/21/2006

A native New Yorker said to me yesterday, upon returning from a long absence from his city, “Damn, this city is unstoppable. It never dies.” True. True. While I did not grow up in NYC, I began spending chunks of time here at 3 and always had an affinity for this New York. Although I always said I could never live in such an intense place I ended up living here for two very formative post-college years. On the occasion of my visit to such a seminal city I don’t have pithy words, but I do have a mix tape. A mix tape for NYC. A love letter, a complaint letter, a letter from one man to his former home. Well ok, so maybe it’s not really a letter at all. It’s just a damn mix-tape, a collection of my favorite songs about NYC. Burn it for your subway commute or for your next visit to The Big Apple. Or just download it because you like good music. What are your favorite songs about NYC?

Download “I’m A Bulldog – A Mix For NYC”

The title is taken from Kyle Andrews’ “Naked In NYC” and reflects the quoted sentiments of the New Yorker above.

Tracklist after the jump…

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Death Cab has a Little Bribe for you


you pretend every slot machine is a robot amputee waving hello

Death Cab For Cutie – Little Bribes

Death Cab For Cutie’s new EP comes out next week but if you were as bored by Narrow Stairs as me you probably just muttered “Who cares?” Funny, I said the same thing when I heard the news. But then I heard the tunes, the TUNES! OK, so I just heard this song… but I liked it. It even popped up on shuffle a few hours later and I was like “Hey now! Who sings this little jam?” So yeah, I recommend it. Listen to “My Mirror Speaks” from The Open Door EP at their MySpace. It has a much more vintage Death Cab, Photo Album era, feel. Welcome back, boys.

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