Mont Oliver – “19”

Sounds like… the angelic B-boys that welcome you to the pearly gates with this jam and a semi-synchronized dance number that all make you feel kinda OK about being dead. This is officially their debut song but some snooping around Soundcloud reveals some hidden jams that make me even more pumped (For them, not to die)

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark.

Future: The ’19’ EP will be released for FREE on 17th November via Fake Diamond Records.

Tomas Barfod – “Pulsing” (feat. Nina K)

Music for… armies of Scandanavian fairies to descend upon the misty alleys and backstreets of our suburban towns, turning them into surging raves that only the finely tuned can detect. The rest of us can just enjoy the fact that Tomas Barfod is still making great music with Nina K.

Location: Los Angeles via Denmark.

Future: New album Love Me is out now.

My Heart the Brave – “Keep Me From It”

So this jam from Copenhagen’s beautifully named My Heart The Brave has been in my queue for over a week now and I just realized it has less that 500 plays on Soundcloud. How does it happen that such a finely crafted indie-pop jam full of smooth vocals and building energy gets ignored or missed! It’s the only song out from Caspar Hesselager’s project and what if he has noticed that nobody is listening and he decides to not release any more! Gah! I shudder to think. Please share this jam everyone. And make sure we get more from My Heart The Brave.

Fallulah – “Out of It” [VIDEO Premiere]

Fallulah - Out of It

It’s hard to decide which I like more, the indie-pop jam of a song or the fantastical dinner party video. Fallulah is a well put together package but thats no surprise considering she is Danish. They don’t fuck around over there. Only problem is, they are over there. Here’s hoping Fallulah come out here to tour soon!

Eye Emma Jedi – EP (w/ “Sin” + Coucheron Remix)

Eye Emma jedi

knowing all the things, all the things i do, i could never say, i’ll show you

It was the Coucheron remix of “Sin” that first caught my ear and been on repeat the past few weeks. Its laid back, bouncy, and with a bit of crunch. Luckily I checked out the source material and discovered that Eye Emma Jedi is more than the remix had me believing. The original “Sin” sports screeching guitars, plinking synths, and vocals I could already sing along to! Going through the rest of their tracks its clear that these guys have a great grasp on a number of styles and influences. Which really makes sense when you learn that they are 3 Norwegians and 2 Brits. Its an alt-indie dream team! Make sure you check “Wounded Eyes” if you are a fan of big monster truck guitars and soaring riffs.

[REMIX] Rangleklods – “Clouds (Mooryc Remix)”

on our own we found the spot we fit

♫ Rangleklods – Clouds (Mooryc Remix)

Rangleklods’ “Young and Dumb” is one of the freshest songs of the year and now we have this fresh remix by Poland’s fresh Mooryc so the freshness is rivaled only by the funked out weirdo beats and grooves that pop and shift throughout this jam. [via]

[MP3/VIDEO] Emil Friis – “Sand In Your Eyes”

i had a long black feeling but it slipped away, the little boy child is here to stay

♫ Emil Friis – Sand In Your Eyes

  • Who: Emil
  • What: Indie country folk, like Chet Faker, Daughn Gibson, Acollective
  • Where: Copenhagen, Denmark + Facebook
  • When: A few older albums already out.
  • Why: Emil Friis may live in Copenhagen but he crafts country folk jams well worthy of Graceland. He knack for tapping into that kind of Americana is impressive, all the way down to the motels, up-dos, and classic cars in the mysterious yet alluring video for “Sand In Your Eyes.” Well played.

[MP3/VIDEO] Bottled In England – “Change”

still you wanna know how i see things, i think the ship sinks, i think we’re falling apart

♫ Bottled In England – Change

  • Who: August Dyrborg on drums & Daniel Vognstrup on bass.
  • What: Live’n’direct drum’n’bass, like Japandroids + Jungle Brothers + Cry Wolf
  • Where: Copenhagen, Denmark + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: Singles, remixes, & mixtapes for now.
  • Why: Don’t let the name fool you, this icy body bender was hand crafted in Denmark. I’ve been hearing rumbling about this duo for some time but never had a song really grab me until “Change.” Something about that tense creeping rhythm that perfectly matches the slowly undulating vocals. And then there is the great video! Oh, kids… Always under-dressed in the winter!