[MP3] Asbjørn – “The Criminal”

don’t tell me stories of the sunken ships, it’s too much for me to take in

♫ Asbjørn – The Criminal (Radio Edit)

  • Who: The guy you see poking through in that album art.
  • What: Shuffling electronic groove swirls, like When Saints Go Machine, Rangleklods, Jamie Woon
  • Where: Aarhus, Denmark + Facebook / Amazon
  • When: This one song is all there is so far.
  • Why: Since Asbjørn is Danish you know our girl Arletta already posted on him but that doesn’t mean that us non Dane-o-philes shouldn’t know whats up. This jam is pure kinetic energy, tapping into that part of the body that regulates asymmetric body spasms. The layers of loops and beats reveal each other as the song shifts through the dusk light and its hard not to move along.

[EP] Rangleklods – HOME EP (w/ “Young And Dumb”)

where are you now and who could you be talking to?

♫ Rangleklods – Young And Dumb

  • Who: Esben Andersen
  • What: Glitchy electro wonk-pop, kinda like When Saints Go Machine, Joe Goddard, Yalls
  • Where: Copenhagen, Denmark + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: Home EP is out now.
  • Why: Continuing the trend of covering Danish bands that Arletta already knows, I have this gem for you today. Rangleklods is a name Andersen made up to avoid preconceived notions about the sound of his music and once you wrap his syrupy and sideways sounds around your head you will understand why. Beats don’t stay on the designated park trail, vocals chop like clouds whipping through the sun’s ray’s, and various other instruments fritter about like so many woodland creatures preparing for winter. Plus “Young And Dumb” has that kind of low and bendy bass line that perks my ears right up. Follow it down the rabbit hole and you will find yourself somewhere strange and intriguing. I’m already there. Listen to “Behaviour” and you will know Peter Gabriel is there too.

[MP3] Jens Lindahl – “PVC”

♫ Jens Lindahl – PVC

“PVC” is a hard one to put a label on. The best I can do is this: hauntingly ambient. If there was ever an action movie car chase taking place on a computer motherboard, while weaving in and out of plugs and avoid hitting RAM buildings, this would be the score for that scene. If you’re interested in watching that film, put on your headphones, turn them up to eleven, and close your eyes. Follow Jens at his Facebook below.

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[MP3] WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE make me wish i knew a KELLY

love in the dark, arrow in the heart

♫ When Saints Go Machine – Kelly

It seems that nabbing one of 2010’s best album nods from me mere months ago wasn’t enough When Saints Go Machine. The Copenhagen based group is set to release their next album (being strangely touted as their “debut”) Konkylie in June. Let the elastic bass of “Kelly” blend with those unique vocals and just try not to get a little bounce in your step. Talk about jam alert! Be sure you will hear more from me on these guys and Konkylie as a whole.

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[EP] THE ECLECTIC MONIKER should soundtrack an EASTER party on an ISLAND

i’ll break the boat but i’ll keep floating, i’ll get another transport right away

♫ The Eclectic Moniker – Easter Island

The weather is getting warmer and the vibrations of the sun are slowly warming our spirits. Such a defrosting needs the appropriate soundtrack and sometimes such a tropical solution comes from an odd place like Denmark. Name dropping Barcelona, The South Pacific, Argentina, and itself, “Easter Island” does a damn good job of transporting me straight to the beach and placing a beautiful cocktail umbrella in my blended drink. Grab the rest of The Eclectic Moniker’s sun-kissed EP A Part Of Something Bigger for free at their Bandcamp. And remember to use sunscreen on the tops of your feet.

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[EP] TURBOWEEKEND are turning INTO THE kind of band with chops as hard as PAVEMENT

we’re out of here, going anywhere

♫ Turboweekend – Into The Pavement (ft. Casper Clausen of Efterklang)

Turboweekend have been kicking around since 2006 but were only recently tipped off to me by TBE reader Arletta. She introduced the band thusly:

Turboweekend is a three piece band from Copenhagen. They released 2 LP’s: Night Shift and Ghost Of A Chance. The second album is brilliant, has it’s own atmosphere and it got to Poland along with the single “Trouble Is.” 11 songs creates amazing collection of unique sounds. Amazing vocals, hypnotic bass sounds and perfect drums. Plus extraordinary lyrics and an atmosphere of the music makes me wanna listen to it 24/7.

I was sold. Luckily Arletta also mentioned their new EP, Bound, which is available for free on their website. I nabbed the EP immediately and have been thoroughly enjoying it ever since. Arletta hit Turboweekend’s sound on the head with her description. It was hard to my pick favorites of the 5 tracks for this post but “Into The Pavement” makes the cut for it’s spacey synths, gruff vocals, and perfect bounciness.

♫ Turboweekend – Spider of Light

Bound closes with “Spider of Light,” the song creeping between piano, drums, and quickly strumming guitar as wispy synths swirl around it all. It’s a perfect example of Turboweekend’s current craftsmanship and progression since the rougher-around-the-edges indie rock of their hit “Trouble Is.” Catch that video below and grab Bounce for free.  Read more