JMSN – “Cruel Intentions”

As the sun drifts away and you stand facing the night its time to make a decision about the next few hours. Will you be breaking hearts or mending them? Never an easy choice. And even harder to do either right. Let JMSN spend 6 minutes helping you decide. 

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Dream Beach – “Drove My Car Into the Ocean”

The open road is a blank page laying ahead of you, existing only in the future. Every decision is yet to be made and nothing behind you matters. That is until… you hit a bump. And then another. They dislodge a distant memory from the caverns of your mind and suddenly your thoughts are filled with rusty memories of a road you traveled long ago. The blank page is filling fast with the past. There is only one thing you can think to do with the four-wheeled memory machine beneath you. The ocean is just one left turn away. The last turn you will need to take.  Read more

JMSN – “Runaway” + “Something” + Live Review


and it won’t go away

After not quite getting into JMSN when his buzz broke last year I dove back in the other day and found a few jams I really dig. I wanted to get prepped to see him live last night (with TBE faves GrizFolk and Warships). His 2012 record as JMSN, Priscilla, is a fantastic slow burn alternative to The Weeknd or Miguel but his live show oscillates between garage rock and falsetto R&B. All the while leaving me wondering what he was really about. And his live presence was “interesting” to say the least… (imagine a cross between Eminem and Jesus) Then today I found the really intriguing pieces. This tattooed and greasy long-hair used to be a major label pop “star” by the name of Christian TV. Just 2 years ago… While I think the music he is making today is much more interesting, he still needs to sort out his identity a bit.

[VIDEO] Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – “We Almost Lost Detroit”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. have always been kinda on the periphery of bands I pay attention to but with this rowdy party jam and accompanying good-time-smiles video I’m increasing their priority ASAP. Plus, you can’t argue with a good home-town repping track!