[EP] Devin – YOU’RE MINE EP (w/ “You’re Mine”)

you can be johnny i’ll be your cheri, kissing under the blood moon of love

♫ Devin – You’re Mine

  • Who: Devin himself
  • What: Punkish garage rock, like Future of the Left, J. Roddy Walston, The Agitator
  • Where: Brooklyn, NY + Facebook / Amazon
  • When: The You’re Mine EP is out now.
  • Why: Sure, my dancing skills have come along way since the wallflower days of yore but that doesn’t mean that every once in a while you don’t want to abandon all those smooth moves in favor of  some good old fashioned moshing. Devin stirs up the pit with his throwback rawk jams that come heavy on the bass riffs and snotty vocals. All three songs on his debut EP are  a beautiful sonic assault.