[MP3] BLOOD ORANGE has a little something for after DINNER

always on your own, don’t consider trying, tried you on the phone, but you considered lying

♫ Blood Orange – Dinner

If you followed through on my love for the Snacky Tunes Vol. 1 mixtape then you Blood Orange’s acoustic version of “Forget It.” The song definitely awoke my interest but it took “Dinner” to come along and kick that interest out of  bed. Smooth and sparse 80s production that is so steamy you can almost imagine the artificial fog and synchronized hip-shuffle dancing. However, with vocals as spot-on sultry as these “Dinner” a jam for late night affairs, whatever they may be. Blood Orange is the latest project of Devonte Hynes (Lightspeed Champion, Test Icicles) and perhaps my favorite so far. Keep an eye out for a full length on Domino Records in the late summer.

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Brandon’s TBE Digest 16 – 11.23.2010 [Theophilius London, Passion Pit, Girl Talk, Tegan & Sara, …]

TBE Digest 16 by the burning ear

I’m trying something new with this weeks Digest! Peep the tidy Soundcloud player above for individual tracks and comments from me (beginning of each track). Zip file is still downloadable below!

Please let me know what you think of this tighter, sleeker, TBE Digest experience! A massive pain in the ass or a step in a good direction? (It’s certainly a hell of a lot easier to put together…)

Remember, for more jams or by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!

ZIP FILE—>>> Mediafire: Brandon’s Digest Vol. 16 – 11/23/2010