Brandon’s TBE Digest 24 – [7.6.2011] New Jams, Remixes, Mashups & Covers!

If you thought I died then that’s silly. I been here, just busy as all get out between work and then holidays and then the Open’er Festival. I’ve had this digest simmering for an extended minute now so cool kids take a chill pill if you are already up on these. Rock on folks and expect vol. 25 sooner than soon.

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♫ J. Cole – Work Out / Another smooth jam from J. Cole. I like this guy’s flavor.

♫ Portugal, The Man – Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now) / New Portugal! Not my favorite of their tracks but their stuff is generally on a different level anyway.

♫ Hercules & Love Affair – Painted Eyes (Radio Edit) / I’ve heard a few of the new Hercules tracks and while they are no “Blind” this one definitely has Read more

[MP3] DIAMOND RINGS knows IT’S NOT how big MY PARTY is, but what tunes i play

keep on keepin’ on to hide our doubt, and hold a candle when the lights go out

♫ Diamond Rings – It’s Not My Party

John O, a.k.a. Diamond Rings’ “All Yr Songs” hit the blogs over a year ago but it wasn’t until I heard “It’s Not My Party” that I was sold on this Toronto dude’s style. It’s enough to wrap your head around that deep moan coming from such a sparkling boy-face, but his jams are also decidedly minimalist in comparison to his over-the-top style. “It’s Not My Party” hits all the right moods of a synth-driven heartbreak song with not much more that 4 instruments. And that “hmmm-mmmmm” is just perfect for humming along at first listen. Digging back into Diamond Rings I now have new appreciation for the more peppy “All Yr Songs” with it’s similarly sing-alongable “ohh oh oh ohh”s and simple keyboard beat. Both tracks would feel equally appropriate pool-side or fire-side, a rare treat.

♫ Diamond Rings – All Yr Songs

For more Diamond Rings check out his funny and awkward (relax John!) video (below) for “Show Me Your Stuff” and then pick up his debut LP Special Affections, out now! Read more