[VIDEO] Music Video Roundup – 11.08.13

Another stack of awesome music videos for you to kick back with this weekend. Tom Cruise, pool parties, Barbies, ghosts, bullies, squirrel suits, tongue in cheek art direction, and a really nice slo-mo piece of just walking in the woods. Something for everyone!


Carousel – “Another Day”

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[EP] Digits – WHERE DO YOU BELONG? (w/ “Looking For The Cure”)

your touch feels like a distant memory

♫ Digits – Looking for the Cure

But like for reals. This Digits guy is killing it so good right now. Hot Chip meets Junior Boys. With sexier dance moves.

[MP3] Digits – “Lost Dream”

i am the last in a line of a long line of lovers, pray the day arrives that i can make some meaning of my troubles

♫ Digits – Lost Dream

  • Who: Alt Altman
  • What: Spacey groove pop, like Junior Boys, Joywave, Black Light Dinner Party
  • Where: London via Toronto, Canada + Facebook
  • When: The Death and Desire mixtape is out and free, Same with the Lost Dream EP. New Where Do You Belong? EP is out July 10th.
  • Why: One man in a room crafting rich, delicate, and highly grooveable dark-pop. It happens a lot these days. It’s rarely this good and sexy.