Buffetlibre – “Royals Ft. Emanuel (I’m From Barcelona)”

Spaniards and longtime TBE faves Buffetlibre just released a new covers EP with something for everyone in the indie family! First off, all sale proceeds go to the awesome relief organization Oxfam International, so you know its a legit project. Secondly, they cover 2013 favorites like CHVRCHES and Lorde, as well as older classics like Neutral Milk Hotel and Jesus & Mary Chain. Even Dragonette lends some help on a track! It’s a beautiful celebration of song with some amazing talents at work. Dive in and enjoy! And don’t forget to check out Buffetlibre’s other work. Like this killer “Blurred Lines” remix. Hot damn.  They slay like few others.

Buy the Elaine’s Ghost EP here. Seriously.

[PLAYLIST] The Best SONGS of 2012 – Part 2 (July-Dec)


Screw the Oscars! Now that the site is back up we can continue the (very late) Best of 2012 Awards!

So many great songs last year. The second 6 months of jams did more than stand up to the first. So many genres colliding in this list. Beautiful songs. Funny songs. Innovative songs. Simple songs. Dance songs. Rock songs. All songs that Read more

[PLAYLIST] The Best Party Songs of 2012


2012 was a fantastic year for party songs. It seems that music is having more fun than ever and I couldn’t be happier to share it with you all. We’ve all had some epic parties set to some epic party playlists and tonight is the night to top them all. (Or not, really. Nothing worse than NYE pressure.) So take a trip down the Read more

[LP/LIVE] Dragonette – BODYPARTS + The El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, 09/25/12

Dragonete have done a lot of awesome things since they last dropped the solid Fixin To Thrill three years ago, becoming a unique crossover creature and “underground pop” gem. My feeling on Dragonette is that they always have 2-3 amazing songs per album and the rest fall flat. I kinda had that expectation again as I covered new single “Rocket Ship” but then I got into the album and am slowly realizing that Bodyparts is something else. Seeing songs like massive first single “Let It Go” live on Tuesday made me realize that these 3 Canadians are getting bigger and tighter with each pass.

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[VIDEO] Dragonette – “Live In This City”

Denim and white Chucks never looked so good.* Apparently this awesome city is also a place where shit gets weird. The whole video is fun but the highlight is trying to figure out what’s going on with that chick’s eye at 1:59.

We’ve already heard the highly danceable/sexual “Rocket Ship” and on 9/25 we get all of new LP Bodyparts.

*Converse, make checks payable to The Burning Ear.

[MP3] Dragonette – “Rocket Ship”

never been in magazines, ain’t seen me on the tv, but you pin me like a poster to the wall

♫ Dragonette – Rocket Ship

  • Who: Martina, Dan, Joel
  • What: Big, bouncy, dance pop, like XX
  • Where: Toronto, Canada + Facebook
  • When: New album Bodyparts is out Sept 24/25.
  • Why: It’s new Dragonette! And if you know them then you know what that means! It’s no “Pick Up The Phone” but that awesome track from their 2009 album Fixin To Thrill is tough to beat. “Rocket Ship” is a big synth jam with barely veiled sexual references that certainly doesn’t change up Dragonette’s game but then again, it was never broke.

[REMIX] Dragonette – “Let it Go (Faustix Imanos Remix)”

we don’t need a cure for the weight of the world

♫ Dragonette – Let it Go (Faustix Imanos Remix)

Because sometimes the only way to ease yourself into the weekend is to coat your body in jello and warpaint, kick down the door of the club, and announce loudly that you are there to “roundhouse that frown upside down.”

Remix Party Playlist Vol. 64 – 5.4.2012 [Dragonette, Capital Cities, Penguin Prison, KO KO, and more…]

I’ll be super quick with this one and just let you enjoy the tunes.

Happy Friday people.

P.S. – If you happen to be in Austin for Memorial Day weekend, make sure to check out my Lights & Music Event.

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♫ KO KO – Float (Sound Remedy Remix) / When I first listened to this gem of a tune, I new I found my weekend remedy.  Cheers to Sound Remedy.

♫ Dragonette – Let It Go (Faustix & Imanos Remix) / It blows my mind that Dragonette isn’t one of Canada’s most popular bands.  I really think that this original song plus the remixes will move them firmly into that bracket.  This particular remix is a 4-on-the-floor dance floor thumper.  I like.

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