Remix Roundup Vol. 13 /// 11-20-09

Photo by Daniel GreeneIn my never ending quest to make these roundups leaner and meaner this post was supposed to be onl 8 songs deep. Then I started putting everything together and it was one “Oh, shit! What about….” after another. Anyway, here is another remix beast for your weekend pleasure. Some real jamaroonies in this batch so get pumped!

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DROP THE LIME makes the DEVIL’S music, I can see it in his EYES!


can’t you see the angels have run into the dark

♫ Drop The Lime – Devil’s Eyes

It’s Friday again so I thought you guys and gals might like a little dance-candy for your weekend. “Devil’s Eyes” is the kind of jam to put on while you get ready for a party because you can bust moves in your underwear and sing along into your toothbrush. It’s the dynamic duo of dance jams! It’s also Drop The Lime’s collaboration with the Bacard B-Live series so you can thank them for funding this business. Drop The Lime is a Brooklyn Dj whose jams have been popping around for a while now but this is the first one to really grab me ear. You know any other choice cuts?

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