Du Tonc – “Every Song”

Sounds like… smooth ass slow disco groover from TBE favs Du Tonc (Matt van Schie and Mighty Mouse). Just bask in it.

Location: International (Australia & US)

Future: A full album would be very welcome!

Du Tonc – “Rise” + “Darkness” + “Surging Memories”

Du Tonc

“Du Tonc are Matt Van Schie and Mighty Mouse.”

That is the only thing it says on Du Tonc’s Soundcloud page. If you have half a foot in the indie-dance/nu-disco waters then that is all you need to know. Besides his solo stuff, Van Schie is in Van She and generally responsible for a lot of dancing bodies on this planet. Mighty Mouse recently remixed Monarchy and is a force on his own. So anyway, together they are Du Tonc and they make fantastic music to move to. I think “Darkness” is my favorite so far… but it is hard to say.