[MP3] Ellie Goulding – “Burn” (Lovelife Remix)

Ellie Goulding LVLF

Ellie Goulding is burning up the mainstream charts. Lovelife are burning up the indie/blog world. For my money, this jam brings out the best in both. Get steamy.



Cover songs are still my favorite way for emerging bands to put their own sound on a hit song and get easy attention. However 2012 was for some reason a slow year for cover songs. Luckily a handful of bands did them well and left us with flipped and twisted takes on old classics and net hits alike. Here are my 10 favorites (#1 at the bottom). What did I miss? Read more

[MP3] Wanderhouse – “Lights” (Ellie Goulding Cover)

and so i tell myself that i’ll be strong

♫ Wanderhouse – LIGHTS (Ellie Goulding Cover)

Ellie Goulding’s voice has always been her biggest ally and her overproduction her biggest foe. Here we get a hyper minimal cover of “Lights” laid under the gorgeous vocals of Wanderhouse’s Marie Moreshead. It’s beautiful, haunting, and better than anything Ellie’s has ever done. (except when she does the covering) Props to producing partner Doctor Rosen Rosen for knowing when to reign it in.

Dubstep Roundup Vol. 35 – 8.23.2012 [Smokey Robinson, Gramatik, Flinch, The Vettes, and more…]

We’re back with another round of delicious dub delectables for your listening pleasure. Thats right, its nearly the weekend so lets celebrate together. Don’t forget to buckle up and Get Nurdy to this collection of some of the freshest melodic dubstep tracks on the planet.

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Calvin Harris – Feel So Close (Butch Clancy Remix)

Incubus – Stellar (Psymbionic Remix)

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[COVER/REMIX] Ellie Goulding – High For This (The Weeknd cover) + William Carney remix

i swear i’m right here, we’ll be good i promise, we’ll be so good

♫ Ellie Goulding – High For This (The Weeknd cover)

Ellie Goulding came on so strong with 2009’s “Starry Eyed” and then straight fell off the game with that snoozer LP Lights. Could this inspired Weeknd cover signify a rebirth? Well, we’ll see. People forget she cut her teeth on inspired covers (that Sam Sparro one is a classic!) although the minimal production is certainly working on her delicate voice.

♫ Ellie Goulding – High For This (William Carney Remix)

Aaaaand the remix. Two-steppin’! Hot feet! Keep ’em movin!

Remix Party Playlist Vol. 61 – 3.22.2012 [Whitney Houstan, Hall & Oats, Beck, Grum, and more…]

Top of the morning.

With craziness of SXSW nearly a week behind us, its feels good to be home… and although I pride myself on my party prowess- I think it will take weeks to fully recover from that madness.  51 shows in four days… that has to be a record for an individual party.  In the mean time (back in reality), I’m supplementing my diet with extreme amounts of caffeine and sugar.  If Im diagnosed with diabetes in a week, we’ll certainly know why.

Its only thursday, but with the combo of caffeine and the sweet tuneage below, a spontanouse dance party at work is absolutely necessary.  Get down with your self.

Kick it.

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♫ Whitney Houston – How Will I Know (VOODOO FARM REMIX)

♫ Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Soulwax Rmx)

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[LP] Penguin Prison – PENGUIN PRISON (w/ every Penguin Prison track TBE has ever posted)

i got a car that i call jenny, i take her out when there’s too much noise in my head

♫ Penguin Prison – A Funny Thing [from 2009]

♫ Penguin Prison – The Worse It Gets [from 2010]

The October 18th release of Penguin Prison’s self-titled debut is interesting for a couple reasons. The first thing is that I didn’t know it came out until 6 weeks late. And I think the second thing is directly tied to the 1st. Penguin Prison has been around so long that it seems hard to believe that his album hasn’t been out for years! TBE has been posting singles from the album since 2009 (above) and that doesn’t even include “Something I’m Not” and “Fair Warning” which also came out as singles before the album came out. Add on the heavily remixed “Multimillionaire” and new single “Don’t Fuck With My Money” and Read more

Mashups: 9.21.2011 [Inspired Flight, DOSVEC, The White Panda and more…]

Its been a long time since I posted a Mashup only list, so I took a look at my itunes library and quickly realized that its time.  As you know at TBE we only publish the best.  Listen, download, pimp it out and rinse.  Repeat.

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♫ Inspired Flight – Wonderwall Remix

♫ Inspired Flight – It’s The Chemicals (feat. Scarub) / Inspired Flight original composition.

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