Dubstep Roundup Vol. 33 – 7.16.2012 [Gisell, The Beatles, Fiona Apple, Zedd and more…]

Chhhaa chhyeahhhh! Holy jumping Bass-Boners!  We’re back with some chunky choones for you bass freaks.  Enjoy and as always, keep it nurdy.

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Giselle – Silk (Sound Remedy Remix)

Moby – Flower (TYR Remix)

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Dubstep Roundup Vol. 30 – 4.20.2012 [Knife Party, Above & Beyond, Picture Book, Chromeo, and more…]

Its Friday boys and girls; how good it feels.

In the middle of planning my next Lights & Music event, I decided to dust out the old Itunes when I found this dubstep roundup that was meant to go up a few weeks ago.  Sorry about that guys.  I’m still trying to find a balance between all of the projects I’ve taken on in the last year.  This roundup reflects the much more melodic side of dubstep; which frankly is what I prefer.   So, in an attempt to just get this bad boy up on the web waves, I’ll skip the wordiness and just press publish.  Have no fear though, the bass is still there, so turn your speakers up and get down with yourself.

P.S.- I’ll have another Dubstep Roundup up in the next couple days.  Until then…

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♫ Knife Party – Fire Hive (Krewella fuck on me remix)

♫ Picture Book – Sunshine (June Miller Remix)

♫ B.o.B Feat Lil Wayne – Strange Clouds (Tip-Z and TYR Remix)

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