Emmett Kai – “HIGH FOR WEEKS”

Emmett Kai – “Juicy” // Art: Jonathan Vermersch

Artist Emmett Kai managed to break new ground with the release of his new single, “Juicy.” The song has a vibrant retro feel, inspired by funk and R&B as well as future bass and 80s new wave. There is a tasteful cocktail of elements into the mix, which really add character and personality to the music. The huge bass lines interact perfectly with the sparse, yet effective drums, while the guitars pop in and out of the spotlight, accenting the mix and adding color when needed. The synth backdrops really add to the song’s atmosphere, and blend in perfectly with the vocals. The singing is quite low-key, maintaining a relaxed mood and never going too far up in terms of pitch. This song makes me think of artists as diverse as M83 and Junior Boys, but with a catchier feel, without being afraid to veer towards the pop side of songwriting.