Friendly Fires haters can just Kiss Of(f). Life is too short to not be On Board.


a thousand butterflies from your lips to mine

♫ Friendly Fires – Kiss of Life

One of the the things that has always impressed my about Friendly Fires is their ability to craft songs of a variety of vibes while still keeping their ‘sound’ or ‘voice’ or whatever. None of the songs on their debut LP sound alike and any one could stand alone as a single. Well then, it’s a treat to have bonus track of sorts. “Kiss Of Life” was released/leaked recently and it looks like it will be one of three new tracks on their album re-release set for August 31st. At first listen I brushed it off but after a few more spins and a look at the simple yet effective video I was sold. And come one, at 2:30, when the drums snap it all back together just try not to air-drum. Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba… ta ta ta TATATATA! Hell yeah! More like “Kick Of Life.” In your pants!

♫ Friendly Fires – On Board

“On Board” is the first track I discovered by FF and an underrated early single off of the album. Comparing it’s goofball video to the one for “Kiss Of Life” is an interesting study in the evolution of the band’s public persona. Maturity? Hype = pressure to be hip? Passion for color replaced with desire to wear all black in the desert?

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Throw Me The Statue’s new LP isnt sounding as good as their Ancestors


Throw Me The Statue – Ancestors

When I heard that TBE super faves Throw Me The Statue had a new album out, Creaturesque, I was pretty excited. When “Ancestors” was the first track I heard off of it I was fist pumping and may have even squealed. However, much like spotting a swimming pool through the bushes on a hot day and then running closer only to find out out it is filled with muck, Creaturesque dissapointed upon further listening. Now let’s be clear, it could very well be a fantastic album but I am a huge fan of their debut, Moonbeams, and had high hopes. Sean from eMusic is into it and saysCreaturesque sways and swings where it needs to.” I feel like a lot of the beats are familiar from Moonbeams and the variety of vibes and energy levels are missing. I guess the fact that TMTS has chosen the uninspired “Hi-Fi Goon” (get it here) as the lead single (and not Ancestors) just shows we are on different pages this time around. Anyway, Ancestors is so good that I will still wear my TMTS shirt with pride (It’s also super freakin soft).

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Andrew Bird can See The Enemy, and it’s definitely not this song


underneath the stalactites the troglobites lost their sight

Andrew Bird – See The Enemy

I guess it’s pretty criminal of me but I never really listened to Andrew Bird until recently. I stumbled across this song and was like “Woah! This is great, is this what I have been missing from Andrew all these years?” Well, the answer is no. I picked up his latest, Noble Beast, and there is nothing as fresh as “See The Enemy.” It’s pleasant music, no doubt, but not something I find myself needing to listen to. “See The Enemy,” however, is totally up my alley. A little more pep, some fun word play, epic strings, mention of troglobites, what else does a man need? It comes from the Fitz and Dizzyspells EP in which Bird includes a some b-sides and a few reworkings, like this one, of Noble Beast‘s “Anonanimal.” I’ll give Bird’s stuff a few more listens to see if it grows on me but this song is so great I’m hapy letting it represesnt him in my book. [Thanks to IGIF]

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WhoMadeWho have the perfect song to Keep Me In My Plane/Place


red wine and cognac makes me feel complete

WhoMadeWho – Keep Me in My Plane

You may remember WhoMadeWho from the excellent Discodeine remix of their single “The Plot,” the original of which I wasn’t that into. Well, WhoMadeWho popped onto my radar again with their lattest single “Keep Me In Plane” which is a pretty cool mellowed-out funk jam with an awesome video. That was enough to convince me to pick up their latest album The Plot and there are definitely a few good tracks on there. They are a bit too groany stoner rock for my tastes but when they hit a groove they hit it.

WhoMadeWho – The Plot

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Jack Peñate’s advises Let’s All Die, but read this first


out of the womb and into the tomb

Jack Peñate – Let’s All Die

Jack Peñate’s sophomore album dropped recently and although I had heard lead single “Tonight’s Today” (and seen the crazo video) I was not that psyched for it. For me his debut LP Matinee was fun but forgettable. I guess it’s not a big surprise that on an album titled Everything Is New he flipped the script on us. Gone was the perky and snarky ska pop of songs like “Have I Been A Fool?” (below) and in it’s place was a real maturity, both lyrically and musically. Within the context of the album, “Tonight’s Today” suddenly made a lot more sense. Other great tracks like “Pull My Heat Away”, the title track, and second single “Be The One,” combine to form a great album that reveals more and more with each listen. “Let’s All Die” is the 8th of the albums 9 tracks and despite it’s title is possibly the most fun one. Apparently it’s not an actual recommendation but a recollection of a New Orleans funeral Jack saw as a youngster where all the celebration and partying at such an affair made an impact on him. For those of you new to Jacky P. here is the pretty great “Have I Been A Fool?” for proper chronological listening.

Jack Pe̱ate РHave I Been A Fool

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Fanfarlo are cheaper/better than a Luna bar, can also be enjoyed by men


and if we’re kicking up a fuss, it’s only cause we must

Fanfarlo – Luna

Don’t look at the album cover (or think of Luna Bars) when you start listening to “Luna” because your expectations will explode. This is not music for downer teens in 1800s, nor music I would describe as “sepia tinted.” Not really sure what Fanfarlo were thinking with this album cover but then again who really cares ’cause it’s the music what we are here for. And that, my friends, requires no wondering, just wonderment (If that is a word). So Fanfarlo is one of those bands that has been all up in my inbox for months now and I somehow managed to avoid falling in love with them. Luckily, I kept being reminded of them and kept revisiting their tunes until then started to grow on me more. Then, BAM, one day I find out they are selling their debut Reservoir for $1! After briefly wondering why the London based outfit was dealing in weak-ass dollars I just bought the damn thing and that’s when we really clicked, Fanfarlo and I. Don’t worry, I’m not a jealous lover. You can get in on the love too. Its still only $1 until July 4th (again with the USA stuff?)

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DatA is a songwriter, Skywriter… bowler?


i’ve been searching so high that i burned my wings

DatA – Skywriter

DatA is a dude from Paris whose dreamy and glitched-out “Skywriter” has been rocking my socks for a few weeks now. It’s not the kind of hands-in-the-air party tune I like to drop on Fridays but it should do the trick to get you loose for a night out at the clubs/bar/disco/roller-derby or whatever it is kids are doing these days. Does anyone bowl anymore? This kind of feels like perfect bowling music. Groovy enough for good times but not so hyped up to distract your muscles. Not sure if they bowl in France, though. They just don’t seem that into lifting heavy things. I hope I didn’t just offend DatA. Or France. Damn.

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Solid Gold has got a real (Bible) Thumper

Solid Gold

when will i ever learn? it aint my time, i gotta wait my turn

Solid Gold – Bible Thumper

As I have been driving up the Pacific Coast Highway I have been seeing a lot of beautiful sun-dappled water just as above and as I head into San Francisco it’s only appropriate that today’s band has “Gold” in their name. Oh, and I should mention that “Bible Thumper” is a awesomely propulsive jam perfect for driving. Although hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Solid Gold makes music that I can get down with anywhere. Their debut Bodies Of Water is out now.

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