The Antlers have got a Bear of a song


all the while i’ll know we’re fucked and not getting unfucked soon

The Antlers – Bear

I’ve stumbled across a number of tracks off of The Antlers recent Hospice LP and was left generally underwhelmed. Then “Bear” came along and grabbed my ear. I’m not sure whether it was the song’s quiet-loud beauty or the above awesome lyric that caught me first, but either way they have both grown on me lately and it’s time they grow on you. That is, unless you are already on board with The Antlers. In that case just give me some time. I have a feeling I’m right behind you.

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Floating Action can’t take more than 50 Lashes but I certaily can


traded food for my destiny, then sold the food for my soul

Floating Action – 50 Lashes

If the above album art was for a 60s surf movie then Floating Action would be the perfect soundtrack. As mellowed out vocals and jangly guitars shuffle through “50 Lashes,” I imagine myself sitting around a beach bonfire roasting wieners as my sun soaked skin cools in the night air. Ahhh, summer. Floating Action’s debut self-titled album is out now. [Via Silence Killer]

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Lee Fields loves himself some beautiful Ladies


what a man want only you could ever bring

Lee Fields & The Expressions – Ladies

Oh man, this is what I’m talking about. It’s Saturday in the summer and time to get out there and holler at some ladies. Let Lee Fields show you how it’s done in his epic ode to women. How is this guy not huge? His fantastic voice and swagger layered over this fresh production is perfect. His latest LP My World is out now but you can get another track over at Brooklyn Vegan.

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Valery Gore and her Shoes Of Glass


it’s a thirst so dire, water for the heart, to put out the fire

Valery Gore – Shoes Of Glass

In continuing with the tradition of great music coming out of Ontario we have Valery Gore. Her sophomore album, Avalanche To Wandering Bear, came out last year but it’s single “Shoes Of Glass” just found me recently. As more and more underwhelming new Regina Spektor tracks leak, it’s refreshing to hear some really fantastic female piano-based folk-pop. I’m gonna go ahead and attribute it to Valery’s bear-skin helmet. Usually works for me.

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Plastic Little get all up in La La Land


and if it’s hot, i’m gon wet it down

Plastic Little – La La Land

Did somebody say it was Friday? Yeah, I thought so. Plastic Little are a Philadelphia 5-piece who rip it up on this Herve produced track. According to their MySpace they have been making music for nearly a decade but this is the first I have heard. Don’t think too hard on what “dig out the onion” means, just hit the dancefloor and shake that “Ooh la la la.” I’m definitely feeling the down and dirty bassline and ridiculous lyrics. Perfect for forgetting about your work week and easing into the weekend. While you wait until September 29th for their album Welcome To The Jang House to drop I suggest you head over to their MySpace for some more jams and some crazy awesome music videos (Especially “Rap O’Clock” and “Dopeness“)

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Milke says to Love: “Get Out Of My Way!”


clinging to your fever, wash me down

Milke – Love Get Out Of My Way

With cover art like that and opening lyrics of just “ooh ooh ooooh” is there anything else to say? Well OK, Milke is a UK partnership between the electro/club trained Andrew Friendly and the classical/voice trained Ra. They describe their collaboration as “two worlds colliding,” I describe it as “awesome,” and you may describe it as “sweet ass” or even “nifty.” However you call it, I’m into it and looking forward to more from these two (the band, not the two in the photo, they are starting to weird me out a bit). Grab a million remixes over at eMusic and listen to some other great tracks at MySpace.

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Just Jack is my new Doctor, Doctor


paranoid, delusional, lovesick, lonely, lust, nasty, jealous, insecure, at least that’s how i’m coming across

Just Jack – Doctor Doctor

I first discovered Just Jack when I stumbled across his new video for “Doctor Doctor” and was immediately smitten by both the song and his gap-toothed charisma. Setting fourth to uncover more gems by this 34 year old Brit I bought his 2006 album Overtones and was slapped in the face by the brilliance of “Starz In Their Eyes” (not to mention the rest of the album). Damn Jack, why you so fresh? And can you hurry the F up on your new album, All Night Cinema, cause, like, I don’t have “all night” here. Whether I knew it or not, I have been waiting too long.

Just Jack – Starz In Their Eyes

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The Carps want you to know that It’s Raining In The Projects, But It’s Sunny In Africa


i gave them song and dance and watched my coffers grow

The Carps – It’s Raining In The Projects But It’s Sunny In Africa

The Carps are not for everyone. That said, if you can handle scuzzy bass-lines, politically charged lyrics, and propulsive percussion then you just might dig this Toronto two-some as much I have been. With two EPs under their belt and the above single recently dropping they are definitely evolving their evolving sound is getting tighter. Like a less fuzzed-out Japanther, or a less whiny Local H, they push the drummer & bassist envelope while adding their own flavor. “All The Damn Kids” is from their first EP, The Young And Passionate Days Of Carpedia, and has a bass-line that is so filthy I am blushing just listening to it. I can definitely see them putting on the kind of raucous live show that leaves you unsure of the difference between the sweat and beer on your body.

The Carps – All The Damn Kids

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