Eagles of Death Metal land in Warsaw!


I take the city in the dead of night

I’m burning gas until I feel alright

Eagles Of Death Metal – Wannabe in L.A.

California natives, rock-gods, perpetually mustachioed, and hosts of a thrashing good live show, Eagles of Death Metal are ending their European tour right here in Warsaw (Klub proxima on Saturday)! I am pretty stoked on this and will be buying my tickets just as soon as I stop staring at the above cover art….. Ummm, ok, what was I saying? Yeah, if you don’t know Eagles Of Death Metal then you should know they sound like neither The Eagles or death-metal. On drums in Josh Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age and taking the helm is his Jesse Hughes and his awesome mustache. Above is the oft-appropriate and always rockin’ track of their latest album Heart On and below is the track that got me hooked way back in the Christmas of ’05.

Eagles of Death Metal – Whorehoppin (Shit, Goddamn)

Eagles Of Death Metal on MySpace

Nôze wants you to Remember Love


everybody want to have a hot flip side

Noze – Remember Love

Despite their somber expressions these two look like the funnest dudes on the planet. Who wouldn’t want them at your party, right? Well it’s the weekend and time to get funky so let these two French dudes funk you up with this jam. The lyrics are a recommended read-along as his accent can get kinda thick and it’s worth catching what he says.

Nôze on MySpace

Scissors For Lefty and their Ghetto Ways


if your lips touched my lips

could I call you my baby or what?

Scissors For Lefty – Ghetto Ways

Ok, so you got me. The above album is not Scissors For Lefty’s latest (That would be the Consumption Junction EP) but since I like it better it’s gonna get top billing. Deal with it. If the super-funk synths and semi-orgasmic “Ahhh ahh ahh”s don’t get you pumped then you need to just listen to it again. And again. And maybe watch the throwback pulp-film video here. Ok, so your are feelin’ it, you are vibing, you are on the Scissor train. Good. Now tackle “Ornamental,” the opening track off of their new EP. I can’t understand everything these San Fransiscans are yelling about on this track but it certainly is anthemic and makes me want to yell along!

Scissors For Lefty – Ornamental

Fun Fact! Scissors For Lefty is 5 dudes but 2 of them are brothers while the other 3 are….. also brothers! Woah, only 2 last names! There goes the ironic Mr. So-and-so thing that people do when they are trying to be funny.

Scissors for Lefty on MySpace

Ryan Lindsey – An Introspective Personality


he fled the scene never to be seen again

Ryan Lindsey – An Introspective Personality

If yesterday’s post got you a bit too riled up then pop this little chill pill. Some fantastic guitar plucking, catchy lyrics, and a whole slew of “dum da da dum”s. This dude has been getting some love from KCRW radio in LA lately (westside!) and its clear why. His laid back tunes fit perfectly with the “California-living, dog-park-frequenting, Obama-voting, Whole-Foods-shopping, organic-granola-eating” set. (Hi moms :)

Ryan Lindsey on MySpace

Oh, and PS, I got this track for FREE off eMusic. I’ve been up in that for 3 years now and highly reccomend it. (You will notice that when possible the album-art purchase links send you there.)

Friska Viljor takes us on a Tour De Hearts

Friska Viljor - Tour De Hearts (2008)

take me back to when i was a child

Friska Viljor – The Street Sounds Like

I’ll tell you what the street sounds like, it sounds like a sliknky riding a bicycle and drinking sunshine in a can. Yeah, like that. The two guys in Friska Viljor show us (once again) that Sweden has the rest of the world by its collective musical balls. P.S. I had a lot of trouble picking which track I wanted to put up here. They are all different and they are all great.

Friska Viljor on MySpace