[EP] Entrepreneurs – THE FLORIDA ROOT CANAL (w/ “I Am 3!”)

♫ Entrepreneurs – I Am 3!

Entrepreneurs have always made weird music but somehow I just vibe with it. New EP The Florida Root Canal is perhaps the weirdest yet but I keep coming back to it. Songs are mostly under 2 minutes and oddball interstitial moments buffer most tracks but somehow the whole things bobs, flops and twists its way through my brain and leaves me smiling. “I Am 3!” is a perfect example of the kind of dirty fun that bubbles to the surface of the insanity.

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Remix Party Playlist Vol. 60 – 2.29.2012 [Johnny Neon, M.I.A. Legend, Citizens!, and more…]

Welcome back TBE peeps!  Today is hump day, so I’d figured I would fit in a little party playlist to help pass the time.  If you didn’t know by now, TBE is throwing a showcase at SXSW this year.. and yes, we’ll have lots of TBE artists. We’re super busy closing out the lineup and other details, so I’ll make this post short and sweet.   Stay tuned for our formal showcase announcement.

Enjoy the jams!

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♫ M.I.A. – Bad Girls (Monolith Remix)

♫ Johnny Neon – Hearts (Who Killed JR remix)

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[REMIX] Michael Jackson – “Who Is It” (Entrepreneurs Remix)

i gave her passion, my very soul, i gave her promises and secrets so untold

♫ Michael Jackson – Who Is It? (Entrepreneurs Remix)

Entrepreneurs continues his quest to make slightly demented music and highly demented email submissions with this scratchy remix of MJ. Thats about it, really. Enjoy.

[EP] ENTREPRENEURS will get BUBBLEGUNK all over your dancing shoes

everything will be better in the fall

♫ Entrepreneurs – Bubblegunk

Fuck yeah. Uv Been Robbed (Joking, But Not), the debut EP from current TBE crush Entrepreneurs is out now for a ‘pay what you want’ price. As if the previously posted “Infinity” and “Revenge Platter” (also on the EP) didn’t convince you that this is the freshness the let me try. This is the freshness. The scuzzy, funky, synthy, rowdy, rock n roll freshness. Got it? Good.

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the deal is off, the time is wrong, the moments gone

♫ Entrepreneurs – Revenge Platter

By the time Elle Milano had made it to TBE’s Best Of 2008 list the band had already broken up. Luckily, former band-member Adam A. Crisp went on to make gritty, steamy, funky, dancey jams under the name Entrepreneurs. “Revenge Platter” is bedroom-funk for sexy people that should be on your ‘late-nite’ mixtape. “Infinity” kicks things up a bit with spitfire drumming, fuzzed out guitars, and Adam’s pained singing hurtling the track along. Driving music, baby. Entrepreneurs has a handful of remixes and a couple more demos on his Soundcloud so don’t hesitate to go mining for more sonic gold.

♫ Entrepreneurs – Infinity

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