Erki Pärnoja – “Eha”

Erki Pärnoja – “Leva” // Art: Hedvig Jenning

With a beginning that could have been written by Sigur Rós, a middle that could be a Warpaint song, and a ripping finale that sounds indebted to Jack White, Erki Pärnoja covers a lot of ground in “Leva”. But despite these three very different musical touchpoints, the song is a cohesive journey guaranteed to have you stomping along. And while I won’t guarantee air guitar, I will caution that it’s a strong possibility, and you should prepare accordingly. Best move the people who you need to impress out of the room: there’s no holding back from the imaginary shredding you may feel compelled to perform.

To calm yourself down after “Leva”, try revisiting “EFTERGLOW” from VINYL MOON Volume 023: Metamorphose.

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