Favored Nations – “I Can See You”

This upcoming Favored Nations album is shaping up to be one of the years most fun. Ok, thats a lie. I’ve heard the whole thing so I know it is one of the years most fun. But for now you get to invite the latest teaser “I Can See You” onto the dance floor of your heart for a sweaty good time. Never thought you would be singing in a falsetto all weekend? You will be! And loving it!  Read more

Favored Nations – “Always”

Just when you thought today was gonna be a splintery piece of plywood kind of Monday, Favored Nations just transformed your business into more of a funkadelic floating pool party situation. Just don’t be late because your girlfriend is already there and the band is making her a second grapefruit margarita and she doing that happy dance of hers…

“Always” is from upcoming album The Great Unknown. Also quite unknown is that Favored Nations singer, Morgan Phalen, fronted one of my all time favorite bands Diamond Nights, as well as guesting on a Justice song. I’m very happy to have him back.  Read more

Favored Nations – “The Strain” (Nora En Pure Remix)

Mmmm… Love the vocals on this jam! I don’t really know the original but these big fat tropical bass groves are feeling perfect for me right now. Weekend music!