The 20.9 Best Songs of 2009… So Far / Jan.-June

Art by Odili Donald Odita

Art by Odili Donald Odita

How freaking crazy is it that 2009 is already halfway over? What a crazy year so far, in so many ways, the least of which is all of the fantastic, surprising, and sometimes disappointing music that has come our way. TBE will be 5 months old in a week and we have been chronicling most of the year’s jams. Here are my top 20.9. I guarantee you wont agree with all of them but doesn’t that just make our friendship that much more deep and meaningful? Just so we are clear how I arrived at this particular order, I’ve selected my favorites from my top listens each month and then ordered them purely by total play count. I know that’s confusing but whatever, the list is after the jump.

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Remix Roundup ∞ Vol. 2

I know I said that these Remix Roundups wouldn’t be as big as last time. Oops.

Get your downloading finger ready…

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Filthy Dukes send me the best Messages


cause nothing really matters when we’re out of control

Filthy Dukes – Messages (Ft. Tommy Sparks) / Removed by label request.

Apparently Filthy Dukes have been grabbing blog headlines for months now but I only stumbled upon them yesterday when Silence-Killer recommended them (pick up 2 remixes there). Not one to discount a trusted source, I picked up the album… and then had a lot of trouble putting it down. “Messages” follows “This Rhythm” as the latest single off their debut LP, Nonsense In The Dark, and although it drips with pop appeal, it’s accessibility fits perfectly into the mix of darker and grittier electro on the album. I could go on forever about how awesome each track is but I’ll just let you go buy it and hear for yourself. I will, however, rave about just one more, the album’s title track featuring The Maccabees’* lead singer Orlando Weeks. For some reason this guy’s voice just gets me every time. “Nonsense In The Dark” is six and a half minutes of pure ecstasy, starting slow and building instrument after instrument over Weeks’ fantastic crooning. I think it’s time I stop talking and you start listening. Enjoy. I am.

Filthy Dukes – Nonsense In The Dark (Ft. Orlando Weeks) / Removed by label request. Just go buy the damn album already!

*More on their latest album tomorrow!

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