LCMDF – “Procrastination 365”

This weekend you can braid your hair, bedazzle your sunglasses, sing into your hair curler, paint your nails, reorganize your jewelry, jump on the couch; but whatever you do, just don’t do any work!  Read more

Lenno – “Scavenger Hunt – Lost” (Lenno Remix)

Music for… Finnish fans of hometown hero Lenno to transport themselves to the tropical beaches of Scavenger Hunt’s soundscapes. In other words.

Location: Finland. Los Angeles.

Future:  Get into Lenno’s original track featuring Scavenger Hunt.

Cold Clinical Love – “Bob Dylan”

I’ve never been a fan of Bob Dylan, the idea of cold, clinical love isn’t too appealing, and that album art is pretty disturbing… BUT this song is actually pretty damn pleasant. Perfect for an espresso buzzed walk in the cold autumn air while reflecting on the fun of another summer past.

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[MP3] Lenno – “Rebirth”

Apologies for the radio silence over the weekend, I was in beautiful Baltimore for the wedding of two dear friends. In their honor I will be posting some fun ass dance songs now. The first is this new jam from Finland’s Lenno which you can download free for the rest of the day. It sounds a lot like that tiger… if that tiger was driving a convertible in an 1980’s video game. Boss.

Let’s also not miss the track Lenno did with TBE fave Zak Waters.

Stache – “Lunartic”


Oulu, Finland , may not be thought of as a hotbed of Rock tradition, however, the city is the host of the World Air Guitar Championships every year. There is also Stache. The Oulu band about to release their debut album next month. “Lunartic” is a scrappy groover that begs for repeating as well as some open road drive time.

Satellite Stories – “Campfire” + “Helsinki Art Scene” (Nightbox Remix)

Satellite Stories - CAMPFIRE

“Waited all Summer to get to you”

Amen to that. And Amen to Oulu, Finland for Satellite Stories! And Amen to this Nightbox remix! More of all please!

The Kobra Kicks – “Krokodil”

The Kobra Kicks - Krokodil

Miss the early/raw days of The Strokes? Wish you were listening to more Finish music? Secretly love alliteration? Jealous of that wicked denim number at right? Then get into The Kobra Kicks! “Krokodil” is early 2000’s garage-indie for 2013. Find a low-ceilinged basement and start a sweaty mosh pit!

[LP] Rubik – SOLAR (w/ “World Around You”)

my wild-eyed wonder, daughter of the sun, tie your hand to mine, and we will, we will jump

♫ Rubik – World Around You

Finland’s Rubik have done some slow sneaking on my ears. RAC gave them their first in with his naturally stellar remix of “Wasteland” before 7 months later their own track “Laws of Gravity” established them as a force of their own. But still, don’t ask my why, I wasn’t expecting such a solid album. Hearing Solar for the first time caught me off guard. I guess I thought they would be a throw away indie-jam-one-hit-of-the-month kinda thing but Solaris textured, delicate, rocking, and interesting, all while staying true to their own Rubik sound. “Laws of Gravity” distracts you from it’s clever emotional build with it’s instant catchiness and big drums. “World Around You” is a toy train on steroids ans it’s careens it’s day-glo body around beautifully sloping railways on a summer afternoon. “Storm In a Glass of Water” and “Solar Death March (In Octaves)” showcase their knack for making beautiful music even when stripped down to it’s barest bones. And all that is less than half the album. The latter third of Solar gets a bit more melancholy and tender but it’s still good stuff. You will just want to come down off your mid-album “Laws of Gravity” sugar high.

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