Magic City Hippies – “Heart Wants” // David Schnell

“Heart Wants” is part psychedelic, part funk, part dance, part indie rock, part rockabilly and all parts good times.  Magic City Hippies ingeniously combines each of these elements by instrument; the psychedelic duties are left to the guitar while the funk is left for the drums and bass, creating a dance song dense enough to be listened to as any other type of song.  The result is a unified, perfectly coherent sound, perfect for parties and solitary listening alike.

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LANNDS – “Hourglass” // Martin Whatson

LANNDS uses every inch of sonic space in “hourglass”, filling it with spacious synths, silky lead guitar, and drum fills that echo into cavernous depths. Pair that with a killer chorus, and you’ll want LANNDS to occupy your ears for hours on end.

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Millionyoung – “Rare Form” // Inkee Wang

With heavy dashes of nu disco and 80’s synthwave, the new Millionyoung has heavy vibes and a solid helping of bliss. Use it to kick off your next pool party.

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JOHN.k – “Runnin” // Marco Mazzoni

I’ve been runnin’ for over a week at SXSW down in Austin and now sitting back with “Runnin” on repeat is just the kind of jolt I need to get back in the swing of things. Fresh, funky, and echoeing that bit of pain my body is currently recovering from…

JOHN.k tells the story of how “Runnin” was the beginning of things…

“Runnin” was the catalyst that sparked the entire project. When we first tracked it over unpolished production, the team and I felt like we had stumbled into something special. The hard part was not screwing it up. Anytime we would experiment and change things in the record, we would always end up going back to the way we originally recorded the idea. It was raw, troubled, connected, and dynamic. It just felt good there.

Find “Runnin” on Spotify here.

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[DEBUT] Lannds – “Still” // Rafael Ochoa

When you are feeling lost, know that both Lannds and feel that way too sometimes. Turn up “Still” and sing along with your spirit animal. And then hope that Lannds puts out more songs soon because this debut is stunning.

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Justin Loring – “Toasty” // Li Hui

If this is a dream then please don’t wake me up…

p.s. One of the tags for “Toasty” on Soundcloud is “tree music”. I just love that.

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BRIKA would prefer YOU keep that grill going strong

If I could grill burgers with a bass line this jam would save me a lot on coal this summer.

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[MP3] Adam Foster Music – “True Romance”

Oh to be young and live only for the sun and the sand and not let any of the moments in between slow your roll or get in the way of the hunt for a good time. So what if you lose a sandal out of the sunroof? So what if you take a laughing head in the gut as the overstuffed car bounces along the seaside cobblestones? So what if the bars are all 21+ and you can’t get in and instead have to start your own dance party on the beach under the moonlight?

True Romance (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]