LANY – “I Don’t Care” (Flor Remix)

It’s a magical moment when you fully realize that you truly don’t care about them anymore. Sometimes more exhilarating than falling for them in the first place. Add this LANYxFlor tag team gem to the infinite possibilities ahead and put a rose colored spin on the rest of your life. (Only feel a little bit sad that you missed out on both of them on Vinyl Moon…)

Flor – “Unsaid”

Most record stores or streaming services don’t have a section devoted to “dreamy syth love songs for your mystical tiger spirit guide and his lovely but coy female companion” but when they do Flor has a song for them. In the meantime we can just dreamily drift along with them.  Read more

Flor – “Back Again”

Music for… those of us who grew up on Phoenix’s seminal “If I Ever Feel Better” and the complex emotions of growing up, feeling hurt, but knowing you will come out ok on the other side and you would really like it if that cute girl/guy you just met would hold onto your number and not let your momentary depression get in the way of any future magic. We have all been there. And now Flor has delivered the 2015 dream-pop  update. Its almost enough to make me wish I was going through some heartbreak just so I could have an excuse to keep this on repeat all day. Good thing I don’t need an excuse!

Location: Hood River,  Oregon. California.

Future: Your soundtrack to Facebook stalking photo albums from 2008.

Flor – “Ocean” + “Get Behind This”

Sounds like… a night in versus a night out. “Ocean” drifts and bucks on an air of sensual beauty, calling the wine slow you down and sink you into the couch. But “Get behind This” will have none of that lazy evening b.s. and ignites the sparks of a true indie pop anthem, demanding that you get up and move.

Location: Hood River, Oregon (“Fun” fact, I ruptured my spleen exactly 14 years ago on Mount Hood. I would have then, by default, chosen “Oceans” as a dreamy recovery jam.)

Future: Decisions. More Flor, including production for Lostboycrow.

Lostboycrow – “HiyHiy”

Sounds like… a beautiful blend of Motopony’s soulful tenderness and the undeniable funky smoothness of Years & Years. “HiyHiy” is an anthem for thinkers and dancers alike, throwing flashes of light through the darkness until the whole affair swirls into a boil of beats and energy.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Future: One other (mellower) groove here but other than that just patience from us.