BRODERICK BATTS has mee feeling in the PINK with an evening of EMPTY bottles and loose PROMISES ahead

Not my usual vibe here but sometimes when Friday roll around you gotta wild out and get weird and sing lyrics you aren’t supposed to cause the song so damn catchy you can’t help it.

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SOMEDAY RIVER have some groove you should not be SLEEPING on lest you end up SIDEWAYS

Florida gets a bad rap. And lets be honest, it deserves all of it. But then something like “Sleeping Sideways” floats past my ears I and I’m reminded to not be so judgmental and just bliss out man. In the words of Someday River, “it isn’t anybody’s fault”. True guys, true.

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Abe – “Poolside 1008”

My swagger is nothing like Abe’s but give me colored floaty and a margarita in a hollowed out pineapple and suddenly I’ve got a bit of dip in my hip. Let the beat wash over my like water lapping at the sides of the shallow end. Rhythmic, soothing, and a perfect pace for a sip and a dip.  Read more

J M R – “One Time”

Music for… people that remember JMR. People that miss On An On. Or people who just have that little demon luring inside of them who like to do slo-mo rubberman dance moves to tripped out synth soul masterpieces.

Location: Florida of all places.

Future: A visit to LA I hope.


J M R – “Pioneer Of Your Heart”

JMR is the initials for Lakeland, Florida’s Joshua Michael Robinson and “Pioneer Of Your Heart” is the best thing I’ve heard come out of that state in a long time. Sparse strings and Joshua’s unique falsetto welcome us into a jam that grows through deep bass surges, snappy percussive breaks, and fluttering string arrangements. Its a minimal jam with a hell of a lot actually going on. A damn exciting piece of music from a I guy I hope to be hearing a lot more from soon.

[LP] Arrange – PLANTATION (w/ “Tiny Little Boy” & “When’d You Find Me”)

goddamn these thoughts and goddamn these people that remind me of you 

♫ Arrange – Tiny Little Boy

Sad is not always beautiful and beautiful is not always sad but when the two come together it is a whole greater than it’s parts. Today, the music of Florida’s Arrange is just that. Malcom Lacey is the man behind the music and his debut album Plantation is soaked in the raw emotion of a broken heart that is only more impressive when you consider his brief 18 years. The songs are fragile and tender, floating on their own air, an existence so delicate that you may not feel them until a few listens in. Here are my two favorites but you can listen/download the whole album free at his Bandcamp.

♫ Arrange – When’d You Find Me?

Crank the amp at Bandcamp

Brandon’s TBE Digest 18 – 1.18.2011 [Passion Pit, Kanye West, Big K.R.I.T., RAC, Das Racist, BRAHMS, Kid Cudi, and more!]

It’s a new year and a lot of good stuff piled up over the holidays. Considering it’s the 18th Digest, today is the 18th (close enough…), and I have 18 tracks, I think this is some kind of perfect Digest or something. Dig in. But really, dig. There are some real gems in the mix down there.

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♫ Passion Pit – All These Trees / Passion Pit drop a new one through American Express ZYNC. I keep waiting for the song to start but it ends up being all build, no climax. Still nice to hear our boys back in the mix.

♫ BRAHMS – Add It Up / New BRAHMS track isn’t my favorite of theirs but I have to say, seeing them at The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festval last month was a Read more