Fool’s Gold and their Surprise Hotel


long after

♫ Fool’s Gold – Surprise Hotel

Blog vultures like myself will be well acquainted with this jam by now, but some of you TBE readers may not have heard it. While it is not mind-blowing or repeat-button demanding, “Surprise Hotel” has been pleasing my ears every time it has come up the past few weeks. Weather turning a sunset-drenched drive home into a tropical dance party or just providing a little upbeat funk to a dreary day, the funk is there. Fool’s Gold is an L.A. based project started by two friends who wanted to explore their shared love of African music. Recruitying with members of We Are Scientists (can we get a new album please?), Foreign Born (never been sold on them), and The Fall (don’t know ’em), they formed Fool’s Gold. The singer, Luke, sings in both English and Hebrew if you were wondering why you couldn’t understand some of those lyrics. I can’t understand any of them but maybe that’s just me. Their debut comes out sometime with only one other track on their MySpace it’s hard to tell what to expect.

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