Foreign/National – “Mombasa” // Shirley Chan

This new one from previously featured Foreign/National is the sonic equivalent of getting bullied for not having a convertible. I keep asking my headphones if a bicycle counts. But then I can’t hear the answer because the wind is whipping by so fast and my hands are in the air and any minute now I’ll be swimming.

Foreign/National’s debut LP, Dépaysement, will be released February 3 through DOWNTIME.

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Foreign/National – “The Hedonist”

If you are going to start a band then try and get on the same life raft as the Arctic Monkeys when your cruise ship capsizes and then co-write a song with them as all of your brains slowly wither from sunstroke and dehydration. I don’t think that is the story behind Melbourne’s Foreign/National at all, but until someone tells me otherwise thats what I’m going with. Read more