Fort Lean – “Face Down” // Yan Kebbi

If you’re expecting the demure dreaminess of “Quiet Day” or the poppies of “Cut To The Chase”, you’re in for a surprise. “Face Down” is a ripper, channeling the jagged indie rock of a previous decade with a modern sheen. What hasn’t changed is frontman Keenan Mitchell’s electric presence and bassist Jake Aron’s dedicated groove. Whether your idea of rage is slamming the car door or something a little more revolutionary, Fort Lean have a new soundtrack for you.

Tap into more of Fort Lean’s energy with “Might’ve Misheard” from VINYL MOON Volume 006: Space & Sound.

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Fort Lean – “Quiet Day” (Boody Remix ft. Heems) // Tarosuke

I’ve long been missing me some Heems but I never expected I was get my fix in a Fort Lean remix. Damn if I am not super pleasantly surprised. I’ve had this on repeat for days and love it more every time. Can we get a full EP of this, please?

Get more Fort Lean action with their ripper of a jam “Might’ve Misheard” on VINYL MOON: Space & Sound.

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Fort Lean – “Easily” + “New Hobbies” (Video)

It’s a big week for Fort Lean! Their album Quiet Day is finally out in Europe! And they dropped a video for “New Hobbies” (below). AND they have 2 brand new tracks out! “Easily” is on heavy rotation around here with it’s laid back grind/groove fitting perfectly with this Summer sun sitting outside my window. The more I listen, the more I want to get outside! But then I watch the “New Hobbies” video and get scared about ever leaving the house again…

Vinyl fans, be sure to catch “Might’ve Misheard” on Vinyl Moon Volume 006! And then get their full Quiet Day LP pressed mustard yellow from Ooh La La Records.



Fort Lean – “Might’ve Misheard”

Nothing like a good misunderstanding to make the blood boil and make you want to rip the limbs off of land and sea creatures alike. Fort Lean knows how you feel and have the perfect outlet for that thrashing frustration. Just turn “Might’ve Misheard” up as loud as you can and scream along with them. Everyone will feel better after. Maybe even your neighbors. (probably not your neighbors)

Pre order the unexpectedly titled new new LP Quiet Day on iTunes and vinyl.

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