Holy Oysters – “Just So You Know” // Frank Kunert

Blast off into the technicolor skies of Holy Oysters. “Just So You Know” is a psychedelic jam that stays rooted on the ground just enough to plant some sick dance moves and kick off back into the stratosphere. Comparisons to fellow their Frenchmen, Phoenix, and psych-giants Tame Impala are inevitable, but there’s an attitude here that’s been missing from either of those bands for a while.

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Clement Panchout – “Underwater” // Stephanie Chefas Projects

Dive deep and drift along. I recommend this track for early mornings, late nights, lazy afternoons, or peaceful evenings – anytime you need an ambience lift.

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Ephemerals – “astraea” // Mike Meyers

Ephemerals create some odd and gorgeous groove here on “Astraea”, a song that is full of both heartache and freedom. I’ve been playing it on repeat to get through the unseasonably cold weather when I’m at today.

Dive into the music video below which follows the lyrics’ advice of learning to dance in a beautiful way.

Pre order upcoming LP ‘egg tooth’

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Oya Paya – “Just A Little Man” // Doug Miller

With origins in Singapore, France, Iran, and England, Oya Paya are a living, breathing (& rocking) example of the importance of a global community. I’d be honored to get beer spilled on me by any of these dudes at their next live show. Especially if they play “Just A Little Man” twice…

p.s. they have a song called “Anthony Kiedis” which if that excites you then its even better than it sounds!

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Aude – “Mynd” // Alessandro Keegan

Up here, with air this thin, who know what beautiful shape your mynd will drift into…

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STAL – “Get Out” // Joel Rea

If you were vibing hard to STAL’s instrumental cinematic jams a few weeks back then brace yourself for the wave of riffage that is their full band sound. “Get Out” crunches hard right out of the gate and doesn’t stop until you are moshing into your couch cushions. So nice to see such range from these guys!

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Dabeull – “Do It” // Leonardo Santamaria

Sit down. Relax. It’s ok, rest is important. Sure, lay your head down at your desk. Or sure, on the carpet. Whatever gets you comfy. And if your head starts melting into the floor that’s just fine. That’s supposed to happen.

Daebull invites you to get into more Parisian funk right through here.

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STAL – “Tricky Game” // Julie Heffernan

Waking up in a dystopian future where you live in trees and have to save civilization one hand-made birdhouse at a time is going to feel weird no matter what… so best to have the right soundtrack to keep you sane (and battle ready!)

STAL just celebrated their migration from Paris to Los Angeles with the release of a whole EP of instrumental cinematic gems called Cinephilia. Get into it. Then dive into their back catalog.

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