Roman Kouder & Cahuita – “Rhodz” // Agostino Iacurci

Put this one in your ear holes as you head out into the world and suddenly everything feels possible. Like with enough patience and flexibility we can bend the world’s problems into new solutions and grow something great from all the strife out there.

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“Cassius – “Action” feat. Cat Power & Mike D

The challenge here is to dance your heart out but still have enough energy to rip into the horn solo in the closing minute. Keep it on repeat until you nail it.  Read more

Exsonvaldes – “Horizon”

Something about songs in French that either makes me want to dim the lights and stay inside or kick open the door and run outside. With a groove this kicking Exsonvaldes have me running for sunlight with “Horizon”. Their new album is out now and you can catch them on Vinyl Moon Volume 006.

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[MP3] GooMar – “Stankey”

Let Goomar help you find your zen place. Then give him a hip bump and shoulder bounce as you both inject a bit of funk into things. (Download)  Read more

Holy Oysters – “Take Me For A Ride”

Holy Oysters have been taking me for a ride on their tripped out grooves full of magical guitars and now that I’m back I’m reluctantly letting you take the next turn. But I want another!  Read more

Postaal – “Burnin'”

Keep those fires burnin’ baby

Don’t you ever stop girl

When it all falls down only you can pick yourself up and rise above. Remember, above every black cloud is blue sky.  Read more

Moi je – “Fais Rien” (Club Edit)

As I sit here pecking my frozen fingers against my laptop, I’m trying to soak up as much of Moi Je’s warmth through my ears as I can. “Fais Rien” is an instant transport to a warmer time with less worries and more friends. Close your eyes and come with me.  Read more

[MP3] Clem Beatz – “Love”

With Friday upon us its time to slip gracefully into the alternate headspace known as the weekend. A reality that floats on crystal clear waters and even clearer thoughts. Just stay hydrated out there.

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