CIRC – “Fistful Of Light” feat. Hanelaure

Try taking your robot butler out on the town tonight and get him ripped on pints of anti freeze and shots of axle grease. Get him talking about the assembly line he came from and that one app that he could never fully boot. Then in the morning plug a speaker jack into his hangover main frame. I’ll give you $5 if it doesn’t sound like this new gem from CIRC.  Read more

Meeka Kates – “Closure”

Make yourself at home among the dimly lit streets and crusty creatures of your local metropolis with the smooth swagger of Meeka Kates in your ear. “Closure” is exactly the kind of multi-purpose jam you can use  to ramp up, get wild, or come down to. All slippery grooves and sultry whispers over a muted DMX (?) sample that keeps things moving on pace. Read more

Radio Elvis – “Goliath”

Sure, at the beginning it may just feel like you are chilling in that char but hold on tight because with Radio Elvis at the helm that chair is going places. “Goliath” is definitely not named after the roller coaster but with the twists and turns involved it might as well be.  The song builds and mellows along with the driving French vocals of our tour guide. Just strap in and enjoy.  Read more

Air Bag One – “You’ve Got Somethin'” + “Killing Stars”

I talk a lot about new bands here on The Burning Ear but anyone who follows my Instagram knows that I see almost as many live shows. But I rarely talk about those because the truth is that most new bands aren’t great yet. There is work to be done, hours to put in, self consciousness to defeat, etc. And then there is Air Bag One. Remember March’s “1992”? That jam is so damn catchy and poppy that the chances this brand new band could pull it off live were slim. Well I’ve seen these guys play live twice now this week and they do more than pull it off. Last night’s Popshop show at The Echoplex was a master class in how to be an opening band: an engaging stage presence, tons of energy, and a genuine appreciation for the people who showed up early. Not only did Air Bag One play their biggest hit “1992” in the first couple songs, they closed out with 2 or 3 brand new songs nobody had heard before. A ballsy decision backed up with the skill and song-craft to pull it off.

So now, please stop reading my blathering and get caught up on Air Bag One. These Parisians are playing a few more shows in the States (NYC, SF, etc) so keep an eye out and catch them live.

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SAUVAGE. – “Vendredi”

Sauvage are a delicious blend of sunset grooves and Frence mystery. Like the soundtrack to that dream you once had about dancing naked in the woods, bare feet pounding the pine needles on the ground, lost in your own movements with only a vague sense that someone may be watching but not caring enough to look up.

Get into their whole Jadis EP. And don’t look up.  Read more

Dim Sum – “High Love”

Quick, look arround you. Do you see a pool, creek, large puddle, or bucket of water? If not then start filling that bathtub because you are gonna want to have your feet dangling in some water for this day-party daiquiri of a jam.  Read more

Montmartre – “Inside Of Me”

The great thing about getting old is you slowly stop giving a fck about anything. You wear comfortable shorts and you only do what you want. You go the beach by yourself and just soak up the sun, at peace with the sound of the waves and memories of that Summer spent in the South of France. Oh that Summer…  Read more

Darez And Chance – “Patiently” + Frenzy Remix

France’s Darez and New York’s Chance met on the street one day in 2011 and immediately connected. Their Overseas LP is the the result of their international collaboration. A damn fine collection of throwback hip-hop flow and boom bap beats. It is enough to make even a minor hip hop fan like me perk up and listen. Keep the volume loud for Frenzy’s on point piano led remix that flips the whole thing around further and finer.

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