[PREMIERE-MP3] Da French Connexion – “Hold On We’re Going Home” (Drake Cover)

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Nobody does sex better than Drake and nobody does sexy like The French, so its a natural fit for our friends Da French Connexion to cover the best love song of 2013. Things get a bit darker and haunting, with more grit in the vocals and not much else left resembling the original song. Which is just how we like our covers.

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[PREMIERE – MP3] Manu el Chino – “Midnight City” (Instrumental M83 cover)

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There are few songs as iconic and massive as M83’s “Midnight City”. As beloved and significant as the song is to the 5 year history of The Burning Ear, I was still hesitant to offer it for reinterpretation. Its been remixed and covered so wonderfully so many times! Well, get ready for 1 more. France’s Manu el Chino pulled the song apart and pieced back together this instrumental cover that builds slow and steady, barely resembling the original until its already stuck in your head. Turn it up loud and do something in the dark. [sociallocker]


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Da French Connexion – “Robolution” (The Official Roboot)

[soundcloud id=’133068870′]

So there is a new Robocop movie coming out and to celebrate Da French Connexion cooked up a grooving rework of the original Hans Zimmer theme song. It’s the perfect dance jam for the robot-ruled dystopia of the near future! Grab the free download at their Soundcloud.

Manu El Chino – “Jungle Bells”

Manu El Chino - Jungle Bells

Another subtle but brilliant groove trip from France’s finest, Manu el Chino. Perfect for putting a little menace in your Monday.

Lifelike – “Night Patrol”

LIFELIKE - Night Patrol (Radio Edit)

Lifelike is from Paris and makes sexy throwback synth grooves like “Night Patrol”. There are very appropriately placed sirens in the background of this jam because what you do to this music is probably illegal. Or at least very naughty.

[MP3] Rone – “Bye Bye Macadam”

France’s Rone weaves a pulsing electronic wave of sound that sounds damn good on its own but gets an extra boost when paired with this beautifully entrancing music video. Just space out for a minute with me.

Owlle – “Ticky Ticky”


I missed the boat on this jam a few months back but it would be criminal to not mention it now. Another fantastic female vocal indie pop jam from beyond our borders. Bringing the world together one synth beat at a time!

Klingande – “Jubel”


Horn infused house music from France. Plus sultry female vocals. Sexy times! Please make many more like this!