[PLAYLIST] The Best SONGS of 2012 – Part 2 (July-Dec)


Screw the Oscars! Now that the site is back up we can continue the (very late) Best of 2012 Awards!

So many great songs last year. The second 6 months of jams did more than stand up to the first. So many genres colliding in this list. Beautiful songs. Funny songs. Innovative songs. Simple songs. Dance songs. Rock songs. All songs that Read more

[VIDEO] Frank + Derol – “Barely Love You Too” (Lyric Video)

Watch out lyric videos of the future. The game just got upped big time. This rides that border of 90s cheese-ball music videos but never falls over the edge. So well done. Go Frank + Derol!

[EP] Frank + Derol – FRANK + DEROL EP (w/ “Let It Go”)

once we say forever that’s the first lie we tell each other

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Frank + Derol live a handful of times now and they are definitely coming into their own. Still a little wet behind the ears but their current tour with Wolf Gang should go a long way to strengthening their stage show. They certainly have no shortage of jams. Unfortunately only 4 of them are included on their debut EP. “Let It Go” is the one that makes me roll my windows down and sing along at top volume like a spastic. Get into it.

[LIVE] Frank + Derol, DWNTWN, Wildcat! Wildcat!, & Magic Hands @ The Echo, August 27, 2012

♫ Frank + Derol – Barely Love You Too

I was apprehensive about how these newcomers would pull off their delicate grooves but they absolutely impressed. Solid musicianship cracked up to “rock.” Songs I heard for first time sounded like instant favorites. Plus a Smashing Pumpkins cover never hurts. Catch them on tour with Wolf Gang this fall!

♫ DWNTWN – Alamo Square

I’ve seen DWNTWN a bunch this past year and this crowd was definitely the biggest dance party I’ve seen rocking out. (Well, aside from Read more

[MP3] Frank + Derol – “Barely Love You Too”

you know that i would do anything, tell me what you want to say, is it safe enough to say…

♫ Frank + Derol – Barely Love You Too

  • Who: Codi Caraco + Brandi Cyrus (Miley’s sis)
  • What: Delicate chick pop, like Foxes, Friends, Meiko
  • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook
  • When: An album should be soon. Stay tuned.
  • Why: Frank + Derol are going to everywhere soon. Half of them is a Cyrus and Interscope is putting all they got into hyping and shaping the duo. It’s inevitable. But its also no a bad thing. “Barely Love You Too” shows a type of restraint and elegant sonic efficiency that isn’t normally associated with major label muddling. I wouldn’t be surprised if these two have pretty strong artistic visions. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the labels are just getting better at shilling what we want. Either way I’m digging it. Catch them live at any number of upcoming LA dates including one at The Echo on 9/27 with Wildcat! Wildcat! and DWNTWN. Yeeeea!