[LIVE] TBE Presents Freedom Fry at The Peppermint Club on 12/6

Vinyl Moon alumni Freedom Fry is playing a show! They were featured on Volume 15: Taking Shapes with their terrific cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

TBE fave (& Vinyl Moon artist), STAL, are also playing!

It’s going to be an excellent time, so hopefully we’ll see you there. Link to get tickets HERE!

Freedom Fry – “Brave” (Freedom Fry Remix) // Fabio Viale

Who says you can’t remix yourself? Freedom Fry takes their festival anthem “Brave and moves it to the dance tent so you can get your confidence-boost while you boogie.

For more Freedom Fry jams, revisit their cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” from VINYL MOON Volume 015: Taking Shapes.

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Freedom Fry – “Brave” // Lauren Brevner

Get a little pep talk from Freedom Fry with “Brave”. Bound to be a massive group sing along for festival crowds, “Brave” doesn’t say anything earth-shattering, but instead believes wholly in the message it’s sending and invites everyone to be a part of it. And isn’t that what great pop music is about?

Get more of Freedom Fry’s mass appeal with their cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, as featured on VINYL MOON Volume 015: Taking Shapes.

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Freedom Fry – “Awake” + “Linger” (Cranberries cover) // Hueman

Freedom Fry have become one of the most sure fire ways to melt away your blues. Between the scrappy handclaps, bouncy grooves, string strumming, and perfect boy-girl vocals, these two have tapped into a musical joy that the world needs more of.

But just when you think it’s all fun and games with these two, they bust out the lighters and ignite some serious sing-along nostalgia with their cover of The Cranberries “Linger”. Beautiful.

Be sure to check out Freedom Fry’s killer (and off-kilter) cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit on Vinyl Moon Volume 015!

FREEDOM FRY may sweat but it SMELLS LIKE flowers one TEEN gives another in the SPIRIT of romance

This one goes out to anyone who ever had a crush on a girl who went to the Lycee a few blocks away in 1994! (anyone else…? anyone…?)

The fact that “Smells Like Teen Spirit” can work in French with a disco & reggae influence is a testament to how great Kurt Cobain’s melodies were. We were playing this cover during our set at SXSW and people kept asking about it so we decided to record it. Here it is.

Also catch the great new video for “Shaky Ground”

Previously on TBE: Freedom Fry

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Freedom Fry – “The Words”

Come back to my place

I need your voice to break the silence

Freedom Fry return with a lovely invitation to join them for a few minutes of dancing and laughter as you close your eyes and swirl along to the beautifully bouncy groove that is “The Words”.

Freedom Fry – “21”

Life is full of delightful surprises. Sometimes you are a bear just walking through the woods totally not expecting to find an RV packed with treats. Sometimes you are just going to see a band you heard was great and not expecting to have your gleeful cheers captured on their awesome new dreamy folk rocker.

“21” was recorded with the help of the audiences we had during the first three nights of our residency at The Echo in LA. The first night they provided the handclaps, the next the group vocals, and for the grand finale they gave us the most stretched out scream we’ve ever heard.

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Freedom Fry – “Shaky Ground (Hey Na Na Na)”

Music for… people who appreciate creative percussion. (And Na na nas.) ((And smiling)).

This song started with us stomping on nearly every piece of furniture we own until we had a beat on our hands. If we remember correctly Bruce played the floor and Marie played the desk.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Future: A couple older jams here. A couple newer ones in the works.