French Horn Rebellion & Bee’s Knees – “Catalina Dice feat. Boulevards” // Felix Decombat


I wasn’t sure what French Horn Rebellion were rebelling against, but after their collaboration with Bees Knees and Boulevard, I’m pretty sure it’s “lame parties”. Because “Catalina Dice” is guaranteed to prevent exactly that. Bring some funky brass to your next soirée.

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French Horn Rebellion – “Presentation (prod. Champagne)” // Christopher DeLorenzo

“Presentation” is about the delicate balance between being true to yourself when meeting someone new while also trying to impress them. In that spirit, The Burning Ear thinks you should unleash all of your weirdest dance moves on date #1. The Sprinkler, the Shopping Cart, that weird one you saw Uncle Roy perform at your cousin’s wedding – don’t wait to unveil them, just put them all out on the table. If the other person is “the one”, they’ll accept you for who you are.

Or maybe there’s a reason we’re a music blog and not a romance blog. It’s a fun song, ok?

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French Horn Rebellion — “Seven” // Jenn Liv

New from old school TBE faves French Horn Rebellion who always bring the grooves. And this time brought some tears as well.

“When you’re far apart from the one you love, at the moment you are finally reunited, nothing can come between you and destiny. But destiny can be like a mountain. It takes a lot of work to get to the top, but even then, dark emotions like jealousy can throw you off its peak, and toss you into the shadows.”

— French Horn Rebellion

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French Horn Rebellion ft. St. Lucia – “You’re All Right” (Le Chev Remix)

Sounds like… the silky smooth voice of St Lucia over the danceable grooves of French Horn Rebellion woven into the funkified beats of Le Chev. What else you need on a Monday?

Location: All three from NYC/Brooklyn.

Future: Get the original now on FHR’s Next Jack Swing, Pt. 1

[PREMIERE] Savoir Adore – “Beating Hearts” (French Horn Rebellion Remix)

The best kind of remix is the one that breathes fresh new life into a jam we know and love. Well, whether you know Savoir Adore’s great “Beating Hearts” or not, the funkified body grooving power of this French Horn Rebellion remix is undeniable. Big elastic bass mix with waves of gritty synths for the indie-dance jam of the week! Hump day got nothin’ on this…

This remix is off of Savoir Adore’s Our Nature The Remixes album which comes out April 29th. The band is currently back in the studio working on a new record. Stay tuned!


Remix Roundup Vol. 72 – THE RETURN! PART 2 (Some 2013 classics)

I know, I know. I promised that The Remix Roundups were back when I posted Vol 71 but then life happened and anyway, here is Vol 72 for your weekend enjoyment! I’ve posted a bunch of these before but its sure been a while and now that the weather is warmer just grab the whole playlist and kick out the jams!

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French Horn Rebellion & Savoir Adore – “The Fire”

French Horn Rebellion & Savoir Adore - The Fire

There were a coiple years there after 2009’s “Beaches and Friends” when it looked like French Horn Rebellion were gone forever. Who knows what they did during that downtime, but the Brooklyn brothers are back with some serious sounds. “The Fire” is their third collaboration this year and I’m loving how each pairing brings a new texture to their sounds. Keep it coming!

[MP3] French Horn Rebellion – “Caaalifornia (The Soundmen Remix)”

The Soundmen have been behind a lot of my favorite remixes of the past 4 years and this take on recent fave “Caaalifornia” shows exactly why. They aren’t afraid to take a track in a totally weird direction. This is the kind of script-flipping that made RAC great back in the day. Push the envelope. Take me somewhere new. I will follow.