Matoma – “Knives” w/ FRENSHIP

Guys, don’t think too hard. Its Matoma and Frenship. Together. At long last…Just sit back in your convertible Jeep and let the oversized jungle foliage gently slap at your face as you duck around the bumpy turns.  Read more

FRENSHIP – “Nowhere”

Its been a long time since we heard from Fresnship and finally getting my ears on new music is sweet justification for all the impatient voices in my head who kept asking about them. Pardon me while me and my cranial companions bliss out to this huge jam. There is sonly so much time before they start asking about what is next…  Read more

FRENSHIP – “Cover Up” (Feat. Lily Elise)

Music for… getting out of your seat and starting a mini mosh pit wherever you are. This physical dance jam with is a bigger blast of energy then Frenship’s last groover “Morrison” but no less catchy or promising.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Future: Big things. I can feel it.

FRENSHIP – “Morrison”

Sounds like… that kind of swagger inflected indie rock that is perfect for Summer days in LA. Save your moping for the Midwest! Out here we bob, weave, and roll up our sleeves. Its hot!

Location: LA.

Future: Some jams kicking around their Soundcloud but nothing solid yet.