Darez And Chance – “Patiently” + Frenzy Remix

France’s Darez and New York’s Chance met on the street one day in 2011 and immediately connected. Their Overseas LP is the the result of their international collaboration. A damn fine collection of throwback hip-hop flow and boom bap beats. It is enough to make even a minor hip hop fan like me perk up and listen. Keep the volume loud for Frenzy’s on point piano led remix that flips the whole thing around further and finer.

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[MP3] Frenzy – “Odyssey”

Find an extension cord to tie yourself down to your seat with because “Odyssey” is appropriately named and will easily suck you into a world where drunk guitars fight against sneaky bongos as the earth swirls beneath them. And Frenzy is giving away free tickets to this ride with a download here.  Read more