Friska Viljor – “In My Sofa I’m Safe” + “My Boys Single”

Friska Voljor are BACK! These 2008 TBE favorites from Stockholm may have never left but I somehow lost track of them. These new tracks make me think they have spent the past 6 years training with a highly specialized squad of party gnomes who have fed them only coffee and Red Vines. And now all that sugar and caffeine is mixing with the Swedish sun and it is time to dance!

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} TBE Digest 4 • 12/30/09 [Hot Chip, Ted Leo, Crookers, Wiley, R Kelly, Smashing Pumpkins, & more]

Because sometimes good songs have no place in a post of their own. But mostly, just because I am not down with a jam doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hear it too.

Get caught up with the last tidbits of 2009 after the jump.

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Just Burn It! The Upbeat Beatdown mix

Download the Upbeat Beatdown mix.

I know it’s been a while since the last Just Burn It! mix but you may have noticed all the changes to the site instead. Well as site tweaking settles down I’ll be making more mixes for y’all. Lets start with this one!

As spring arrives there are often days that turn out to be less warm than we would have hoped. I often find these days to be the most depressing. At least in winter you know what to expect but during these transitional times it can be tough. Hope is often higher than the mercury. On these depressing days it helps to have a soundtrack to pick you back up, and what’s better than a solid hour of upbeat music! There are dance-offs, face-offs, walk-offs and now an upbeat-off! Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Anyway, here are 19 tracks that are guaranteed to get you amped! From hand-claps to fist-pumps, it’s 60 minutes of pure upbeat psyched motivation! Make it your soundtrack to spring cleaning! Your place has kinda been looking like a dump…

Track list after the dump. I mean jump.

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Friska Viljor takes us on a Tour De Hearts

Friska Viljor - Tour De Hearts (2008)

take me back to when i was a child

Friska Viljor – The Street Sounds Like

I’ll tell you what the street sounds like, it sounds like a sliknky riding a bicycle and drinking sunshine in a can. Yeah, like that. The two guys in Friska Viljor show us (once again) that Sweden has the rest of the world by its collective musical balls. P.S. I had a lot of trouble picking which track I wanted to put up here. They are all different and they are all great.

Friska Viljor on MySpace