Remix Party Playlist Vol. 64 – 5.4.2012 [Dragonette, Capital Cities, Penguin Prison, KO KO, and more…]

I’ll be super quick with this one and just let you enjoy the tunes.

Happy Friday people.

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♫ KO KO – Float (Sound Remedy Remix) / When I first listened to this gem of a tune, I new I found my weekend remedy.  Cheers to Sound Remedy.

♫ Dragonette – Let It Go (Faustix & Imanos Remix) / It blows my mind that Dragonette isn’t one of Canada’s most popular bands.  I really think that this original song plus the remixes will move them firmly into that bracket.  This particular remix is a 4-on-the-floor dance floor thumper.  I like.

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[MP3] fun. – We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe)

so lets set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun

♫ fun. – We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe)

  • Who: Former members of The Format and Steel Train
  • What: Buoyant indie pop, like Steel Train, Hooded Fang, Wildlife
  • Where: New York, NY + Facebook / Amazon
  • When: 2nd LP Some Nights is out on Tuesday Feb 21st.
  • Why: Janelle Monae adds absolutely nothing to this track but if her guest spot gets more people listening to fun. then I’m all for it. Their debut album was a highlight of 2009 and after bandmember Jack Antonoff’s band Steel Train tore up 2010 its time these guys finally got some more music out. (Especially since I hear Steel Train is no more!) “We Are Young” contains all the hallmarks of a fun. song. Nate Ruess’ silky grand storytelling, the peppy rhythm section, and the bouncing keys, are all signs you are having fun. I would write more about how I am exited for this album but the thing is streaming here so I have to go listen to it now.

Best Albums of 2009 /// Honorable Mention & EPs

I’m too tired and you’re too anxious. Let’s get this show on the road. I’ll drop some kind of ’09 wrap up speech in “The Best Albums of ’09 / The Top 15” which should be out soooon. In the meantime, nibble on these biscuits. And leave your comments! You guys have piped up louder than ever lately and I love hearing what Team TBE thinks. Cause if two brains are better than one, well than imagi…. ok, we get it, let’s do this!

Oh, and since ranking albums is for wieners (songs are OK) I just alphabetized these lists. I don’t believe in favorites so it would be dishonest of me to attempt some sort of ranking system here. These joints are just the business, each in their own way.

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FUN. know ALL too well that THE PRETTY GIRLS are often less-so without BARLIGHTS

fun aim Ignite

i just hate the band ’cause they remind me of you

♫ fun. – All The Pretty Girls

Anyone who has ever read Pitchfork knows that haters are no fun (except when they are), but the truth is that even a sunshine-blinded optimists like myself struggles with hateration. It’s this struggle that has taken me so damn long to post about the charming, silly, upbeat, and pretty darn good debut album by fun. (yes, lowercase and yes, with the period). fun. front-man Nate Ruess was one half of The Format, a mid-00’s power duo with 2 fantastic LPs and a legion of fans who were bummed to hear that they broke up in early 2008. When I heard the first few tracks from Nate’s new project, fun., I just couldn’t get into it. I mean, first of all that’s just a stupid name. Just go ahead and name yourself Good Music and let me forget about making my own opinions (Oh wait, Kanye already did that…). But after months returning to the album in search of a spark I finally found two songs I liked enough to write about.

fun pretty girls

Then the really funny thing happened. As I listen to the album right now, writing this, I am enjoying it more than I ever have. It’s like the instant I got over myself and my nostalgia for The Format I was able to really get into the music and enjoy it for what it is. It’s not The Format but that’s OK, it’s great even. Because somehow I feel like Aim And Ignite might even end up on my best albums of 2009 list and that is really weird, considering. So if you are feeling these two jams, or were ever into The Format, I recommend you get over yourself too and give your time (and yes, money) to these 10 tracks. I refuse to fall into the easy pun here so let me just say that fun. really is… entertaining, amusing, diverting, pleasurable, pleasing, agreeable, and interesting.

♫ fun. – Barlights

p.s. I just had to include the art for the “All The Pretty Girls” single because it’s fresh.

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