Future Islands – “For Sure”

[MP3] Future Islands – “Before The Bridge”

do you believe in love? hold your tongue

♫ Future Islands – Before the Bridge

The consistently underrated and underravedabout Future Islands just dropped another subtle slap in the face to everyone ignoring them. But not really a slap cause I bet these dudes are way too cool for slapping. They just continue being awesome behind everyone’s back. Their new 7″ will feature “Before The Bridge,” another thick slice of their rhythmic indie rock that sways and swells under the always incredible vocals. Future Islands always feel a bit tropical yet somehow rooted in a weightier world then their trend-riding indie-tropica peers. Maybe that’s what island life will be like in the futu… oh. I get it. Nice.

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[LP] FUTURE ISLANDS have grooves much bigger than a VIREO’S EYE

a loose, and hazy time, when you were not my clementine and i was not your diamond’s eye

♫ Future Islands – Vireo’s Eye

Future Islands are a band I had stumbled across years ago with their fantastically frenetic “Old Friend” (below) but I never got around to digging deeper until Todd from Sensual Harassment recommended them and I got on the ball. Their 2010 album In Evening Air is my forst full-length exposure to them and it’s a strangely great pice of work. Future Islands’ sound is hard to describe as they work with oddly repetitive grooves the slowly transform into full-on locomotives of pulsing energy. “Vireo’s Eye” is my favorite jam off the album and follows this pattern as it layers twitchy guitars over an elastic bass-line and then brings in that dancey synth. But what really sets Future Islands apart is the vocals. J. Gerrit Welmers’ voice is an otherworldly low-register bellow that stamps all their jams with an urgency and emotion that weaves perfectly with the band’s energy. “Long Flight” and the In Evening Air’s title track are other highlights, fitting perfectly into the albums aura of tense melancholy. It’s an interesting evolution from the upbeat suger-rush “Old Friend” but one that works quite well.

♫ Future Islands – Old Friend / Wave Like Home, 2008

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Just Burn It! The Upbeat Beatdown mix

Download the Upbeat Beatdown mix.

I know it’s been a while since the last Just Burn It! mix but you may have noticed all the changes to the site instead. Well as site tweaking settles down I’ll be making more mixes for y’all. Lets start with this one!

As spring arrives there are often days that turn out to be less warm than we would have hoped. I often find these days to be the most depressing. At least in winter you know what to expect but during these transitional times it can be tough. Hope is often higher than the mercury. On these depressing days it helps to have a soundtrack to pick you back up, and what’s better than a solid hour of upbeat music! There are dance-offs, face-offs, walk-offs and now an upbeat-off! Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Anyway, here are 19 tracks that are guaranteed to get you amped! From hand-claps to fist-pumps, it’s 60 minutes of pure upbeat psyched motivation! Make it your soundtrack to spring cleaning! Your place has kinda been looking like a dump…

Track list after the dump. I mean jump.

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