[MP3] Gatsby’s American Dream – “Modern Man”

think a little, do a lot, take whatever hits the spot

♫ Gatsby’s American Dream – Modern Man

  • Who: Nic, Bobby, Kirk, Rudy, Kyle, Ryan
  • What: Jumpy guitar indie, like J. Roddy Walston, My Chemical Romance,
  • Where: Seattle, WA + Facebook
  • When: We are patiently waiting for a new album.
  • Why: 2005’s Volcano is one of the seminal albums of the mid 00’s and got heavy rotation in my world. Catching a few of their raging live shows in small NYC venues were highlights of my time in that city. Then they went on hiatus. We were all sad. Apparently they came back with this jam LAST YEAR but nobody told me so I’m late to the party. “Modern Man” is rippling with Volcano-era GAD sounds, from the off beat guitar crunching to ripping rhythm section to subdued and creeping vocal moments. They are a singular band making unique sounds and its great to think there might be new album that is more up my alley than 2006’s self titled disappointment. If this is your first tast of Gatsbys American Dream then dip your toes in the magic of album opener “Theatre” from Volcano.

♫ Gatsbys American Dream – Theatre [Volcano, 2005]

[MP3] Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground – “World’s Entire”

it can be awfully hard and awfully effortless

♫ Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground – World’s Entire

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground ar one of those bands that go back to the pre-TBE days (if you can imagine such a time). Not only was I a big fan of their 2008 self titled debut album, but a huge fan of some of the members’ previous band Gatsby’s American Dream. Anyway, Google them if need be, today is about Kay Kay, more specifically their new song “World’s Entire.” A mellower vibe from from the band but still signature Kay Kay with it’s puree-setting blend of smooth vibes and eclectic instruments. Sit back in your chair and let the sounds melt into your brain.

For a little taste of what they were up to 3 years ago, here is my favorite track off that debut. Amen, Kay. Sing it. I sure hope we will be getting a bit of this irreverent energy on their new album, the interestingly titled Introducing Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground.

BONUS: ♫ Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground – Hey Momma’ / S/T, 2008

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A Burning Ear Christmas – Part 2: Classics Covered

xmas kittyOK, so Christmas is quickly approaching and although you have been thinking a lot about shopping as you have been listening to TBE X-Mas Part 1, you haven’t been doing much about it. Now that shopping days are countable on our hands it’s time to kick the spirit into high gear. I’ve done all I can to help by cobbling together this mix of Christmas classics covered by our contemporaries. You don’t even need to celebrate Christmas to enjoy these jams! So weather you are as behind on your holiday business as I am or not, throw this bad boy on a blank CD, stop staring at that cute kitten, and get movin’ pronto!

A Burning Ear Christmas Part 1 – Original Jams

Zip file at the above link.

Tracklist and individual MP3s after the jump…

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