Gavin Turek – “WHITNEY”

Gavin Turek – “Whitney (Anoraak Remix)”

Gavin Turek – “Birdie Bees” // Aleia & Alex

LA’s golden goddess struts back into the frame with “Birdie Bees”, a funky jam with extraterrestrial vibes reminiscent of Janelle Monae, but with a distinctly west coast feel. Swagger oozes from every part of the track. This is convertible-top-down music.

For more from LA’s disco queen, check out “Don’t Fight It” from VINYL MOON Volume 002: Familiar Mystery.

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GAVIN TUREK touches ON love and THE risks we take with each new LINE in the black book

Look & Listen! // Visual Artist: Louise Zhang [via]

If you have ever seen Gavin live then you know she absolutely leaves it all on the line. Or do I mean on the floor? Sorry, hard to think and dance at the same time.

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Gavin Turek – “Don’t Fight It” + “Frontline”

Time to reward your patient self for getting through the workweek with a jam that demands that you cut lose and give in. Whatever you have been holding back from, its time to crank TBE fave Gavin Turek‘s new jam full blast and just ride the feeling. Then once you have shed the stress and inhibitions, buckle up and kick things into high gear with her other new single “Frontline”.  Read more

Gavin Turek – “Remember”

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Life isn’t easy for Gavin Turek. A name like that sets a pretty high bar for being a general badass. Luckily for her, “Remember” high fives that  bar mid disco leap. With slightly spooky two-step production by TBE fave Harlan, Gavin has nailed our favorite song of hers yet.

[VIDEO] Music Video Roundup – 08.12.2013

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