[PLAYLIST] The Best REMIXES of 2012 – Part 1 (Jan-June)

So far, this year has been one of the best for remixes, making this list no easy feat. Speaking of feet, you should warm them up because they will moving in a second…

(Artwork pattern drawn by a Lego Turntable robot)

25. Toby Keith – Red Solo Cup (It’s The DJ Kue Remix!) / And suddenly Toby Keith is not only palatable but highly listenable.

24. Y Luv – Never Touch The Ground (Gazzo Remix) / It’s pretty impossible to improve on the original so taking it in a different direction was a wise move. Get pumped!

23. St Lucia – Closer Than This (Viceroy Remix) / How do you make tropical more tropical? Give Read more

[REMIX] Y Luv – “Never Touch The Ground (Gazzo Remix)” & “All Night (Zhu remix)”

i know that we’re getting older, what else can we do?

♫ Y Luv – Never Touch The Ground (Gazzo Remix)

LA legends in the making Y Luv just got a fresh coat of pulsating strobe paint on EP highlight “Never Touch The Ground” thanks to Gazzo. Drop it at your next party as an excuse to get more fools listening to Y Luv! Grab more Gazzo gold at his Soundcloud while you are at it!